DAF 33

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DAF 33
Manufacturer DAF
Production 1967–1974
Assembly Born, Netherlands (DAF Born)
Body and chassis
Body style 2-door sedan
2-door pick-up
2-door van
Layout FR layout
Engine 746 cc flat twin
Transmission Variomatic
(continuously variable)
Wheelbase 81 in (2,057 mm)
Length 143 in (3,632 mm)
Width 57 in (1,448 mm)
Height 54.5 in (1,384 mm)
Predecessor DAF Daffodil

The DAF 33 is a compact saloon car produced by the DAF company of Eindhoven, in the Netherlands between 1967 and 1974. Outwardly and technically it differed little from its predecessor, the DAF Daffodil.

1966 had seen the introduction of the Michelotti styled DAF 44 which appeared to compete in virtually the same market segment as the Daffodil-based design; but the 33, its development costs presumably long since amortised,[citation needed] remained in production with its new name. A more luxurious version became available in 1969. Thereafter the car changed very little: however, the 6 volt electrical system was replaced with a 12 volt one in 1972.[1]

The DAF 33, in common with other DAF cars, featured a continuously variable transmission system, the DAF Variomatic.


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