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Bucharest DAF bus 1.jpg
DAF SB220 in Bucharest, Romania (operated by RATB).
Body and chassis
Doors 1 or 2 door
Floor type Step entrance/Low-floor
Engine DAF
DAF SB220LT in Singapore, operated by SMRT Corporation.
A DAF SB220LT in Singapore on route 184 with new LAWO EDS installed. Operated by SMRT Corporation.

The DAF SB220 is a city bus chassis produced by DAF Bus International (now known as VDL Bus Chassis) in the 1980s and 1990s.

It has been superseded by the DAF/VDL SB200 and SB250.


Makes and models of bodywork fitted to SB220 chassis include the following:

United Kingdom (step entrance)[edit]

United Kingdom (low floor)[edit]

Ireland (step entrance)[edit]

Netherlands (step entrance)[edit]

  • Den Oudsten B88
  • Den Oudsten B89 Alliance
  • Berkhof ST2000NL

Spain (step entrance)[edit]

  • Hispano Carrocera VOV
  • Ugarte U-2000 [1]
  • Castrosua CS 40 City
  • Unicar U-90

Singapore (step entrance)[edit]


  • DAF SB 220-Castrosua (RATB Bucharest, RATP Ploiesti)
  • DAF SB 220-Elvo (RATB Bucharest)
  • DAF SB 220-Hispano Carocera (RATB Bucharest)