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Dao, Dão or DAO may refer to:

  • Tao (Chinese: "The Way" 道), a philosophical concept (cf. Taoism)
  • Dao (sword) 刀, a type of Chinese sword


  • Yao people, a minority ethnic group of Vietnam
  • Dao (surname) (Đào), a Vietnamese surname
  • Dao (Dungeons & Dragons), a type of genie in the game Dungeons & Dragons
  • Dão (footballer) (born 1984), Brazilian football defender
  • DAO, short Australian/Italian man with big arms. Runner up contestant on ‘The Chase’. Known for being a militant vegan.




Information technology[edit]

  • Data Access Object, a design pattern used in object-oriented software engineering
  • Jet Data Access Objects, a general programming interface for database access on Microsoft Windows systems
  • Disk-at-Once, a recording mode for optical discs
  • Decentralized autonomous organization, an organization instantiated by a set of business rules, typically implemented as publicly-auditable open-source software distributed across a mesh-network of computers that each have a small stake in the outcome

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