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DAV Foundation
DAV foundation logo.png
Legal statusNon-Profit
Key people
Noam Copel, Tal Ater, John Frazer, Joseph Lopardo

DAV Foundation is a blockchain-based open source global transportation company.[1]

DAV Foundation has a decentralized transportation network, which enables different kinds of transportation companies to join the network.[2] This network can work with autonomous vehicles, trucks, drones, cars, and rovers.[3] The infrastructure enables users to access a network of autonomous vehicles using a single token.[4]

The decentralized network being built by DAV is meant to offer an alternative to closed proprietary networks currently developed by automakers and transportation companies.[5]


DAV Network is a short form of Decentralized Autonomous Vehicle Network.[6] It was founded in January 2017 by Noam Copel (CEO), Tal Ater (CTO), John Frazer and Joseph Lopardo. The foundation released and published its first code on GitHub. It also released its drone delivery application. The company was then granted non-profit organizations status in Switzerland.[1]

Board of Advisors[edit]

As of 2018, DAV Network has Dr. Alan Messer, (former CTO at General Motors), Jerome Ferguson (Director of Autonomous System at UPS) on its Board of Advisors.[7] Commander Scott Horowitz, a former NASA astronaut is also an advisor.[2]

DAV Technology[edit]

The Decentralized Autonomous Vehicle network uses open-source software, the blockchain and transportation technologies to create a new protocol.[6] The network provides an autonomous system to deliver different kinds of services to the user.[8] The system has a free decentralized marketplace where a user can buy and sell autonomous transportation services using the DAV token.[6]

DAV Decentralized discovery[edit]

In its decentralized network, DAV allows autonomous vehicles to discover nearest clients and vehicles and communicate with each other. This is done by the utilization of decentralized node discovery.[8]

Autonomous Vehicles Services[edit]

A company can list its vehicles on the network for hiring purpose.[6] The vehicles can be used to request a ride or deliver and pick up a package,[8] after which DAV tokens are released to the company using Ethereum blockchain.[1] The payments can be cleared once the service is done.[9]

The blockchain will help the DAV vehicles to navigate themselves to provide service for the nearest available request. For every service, DAV tokens are credited to the service provider.[8][10] Owner can earn DAV tokens through leasing the self-driven or manned car.[1]


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