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Da Pump
Origin Japan
Years active 1996–present
Labels Avex Tune
Associated acts
Website http://www.avexnet.or.jp/dapump
Members Issa (1996–present)
Daichi (2008–present)
Kenzo (2008–present)
Tomo (2008–present)
Kimi (2008–present)
Yori (2008–present)
U-Yeah (2008–present)
Past members Shinobu (1996–2006)
Yukinari (1996–2008)
Ken (1996–2009)
Kazuma (2008–2013)

Da Pump (ダパンプ Da Panpu?) is a Japanese male idol group comprising lead vocalist, Issa Hentona and MCs Ken Okumoto, Yukinari Tamaki, and Shinobu Miyara. The group formed as students at Okinawa Actors School in 1996. They made their debut on Avex Trax subsidiary, avex tune, under the guidance of producer Akio Togashi on June 11, 1997 with "Feelin' Good -It's Paradise". As one of the few male groups unassociated with Johnny's Entertainment, they were the first to gain major popularity reaching their peak in 2001 with the release of Da Best of Da Pump. On April 7, 2006, Shinobu formally left the group following a hiatus due to a drunk driving incident in 2005.[1] The group went on an unofficial hiatus at the end of 2006.

On December 18, 2008, it was announced that Yukinari was leaving the group and that Ken and Issa were actively looking for his replacement.[2] Within hours, their management company announced a brand new Da Pump with seven new members and a new concept as a multimedia entertainment group.[3] The group will start their official comeback on July 15, 2009 with the new single, "Summer Rider" and a tour in the fall. It was announced on December 5, 2009 that Ken Okumoto has left Da Pump to pursue a solo career, leaving Issa the only original member left.


Famed for their ability in both dancing and singing, Da Pump's debut came in 1997, with the song "Feelin Good - It's Paradise" and breaking through with "Rhapsody in Blue" (and using the song as their entry on the "white" team during the 1998 Kōhaku Uta Gassen). The group originally came from Okinawa Actors School but are now part of the Avex Network and are produced by Akio Togashi. Their songs tend to have a quick tempo and often include elements of rap. Da Pump often appears in TV shows, movies, and magazines throughout Japan.

Issa has stated that he is a fan of the long running Kamen Rider Series tokusatsu programs, and has contributed to the soundtracks of Kamen Rider 555 with its opening theme "Justiφ's" and its film's theme "Justiφ's -Accel Mix-" as well as the theme for the film Kamen Rider The Next, "Chosen Soldier". As a group, Da Pump had performed the theme to the film Kamen Rider The First, "Bright! our Future", and Issa played the role of a Shocker commander in the film

Following a DUI arrest in 2005, Shinbou temporarily suspended all activities from the group. However, on 7 April 2006, he officially announced that he has left the group. The remaining members of Da Pump will continue on as three. During his leave, he returned to Okinawa and in a letter posted on his management company's website he explained that during his time there he felt an urge to perform the music of the prefecture and with those sentiments decided to leave the group. At this time, it has been decided that Shinobu will go solo although no concrete plans have been made.

In 2014, the group returned with their first single in three years, "New Position."


Current members[edit]

  • Issa Hentona (辺土名 一茶 Hentona Issa?, ISSA) (Born: December 9, 1978) (1996–present)
  • Daichi Kato (加藤 大地 Katō Daichi?, DAICHI) (Born: December 4, 1988) (2008–present)
  • Tomoki Nakamura (中村 朋揮 Nakamura Tomoki?, KENZO) (Born: January 21, 1985) (2008–present)
  • TOMO (Born: February 2, 1981) (2008–present)
  • KIMI (Born: April 14, 1983) (2008–present)
  • YORI (Born: February 9, 1980) (2008–present)
  • Yūya Tanimoto (谷本 裕也 Tanimoto Yūya?, U-YEAH) (Born: September 17, 1983) (2008–present)

Former members[edit]

  • Shinobu Miyara (宮良 忍 Miyara Shinobu?, SHINOBU) (Born: February 15, 1980) (1996-2005)
  • Yukinari Tamaki (玉城 幸也 Tamaki Yukinari?, YUKINARI) (Born: November 5, 1978) (1996-2008)
  • Ken Okumoto (奥本 健 Okumoto Ken?, KEN) (Born: December 17, 1979) (1996-2009)
  • Kazuma Yamane (山根 和馬 Yamane Kazuma?, KAZUMA) (Born: March 6, 1984) (2008–2013)


Main article: Da Pump discography

Solo projects[edit]



  • "Justiφ's" (12 March 2003) - Opening for the series, Kamen Rider 555.
  • "Play, This, Satisfy" (23 April 2003)
  • "Chosen Soldier" (17 October 2007) - Theme for Kamen Rider The Next
  • "Breathe" (22 September 2010, ISSA × SoulJa)
  • "4 chords" (9 March 2011, ISSA × SoulJa)
  • "i hate u" (12 October 2011, ISSA × SoulJa + Rola)


  • Extension (21 May 2003)
  • ISM (29 February 2012, ISSA × SoulJa; with tracks featuring Rola, Next?, Yui Minemura, and Anna Fujita)

Collaborative releases[edit]

  • MAX / "Emotional History" (14 March 2001)
    • "But My Love feat. ISSA"
  • Album Christmas Harmony: Vision Factory Presents! (21 November 2007)
    • "Shiroi Yuki"


Collaborative releases[edit]

  • Hiro / Naked and True (7 August 2002)
    • "Crazy feat. Ken"
  • Viewtiful Joe (Sotaro feat. Ken) (3 July 2003) Theme of Viewtiful Joe
    • "Viewtiful World"
  • ZZ / ZZB (14 December 2005)
    • "Walk into the light feat. Ken"
  • Tamaki Nami / Don't Stay (23 April 2008)
    • "Gokigendaze!: Nothing but Something feat. Ken"


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