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DBEdit 2
Original author(s) Jef Van Den Ouweland
Developer(s) Jef Van Den Ouweland
Initial release January 13, 2006
Stable release
2.4.6 / May 10, 2012; 5 years ago (2012-05-10)
Written in Java
Operating system Windows, Linux, Solaris
Platform Java
Type Relational database administration
License GNU General Public License
Website dbedit2.sourceforge.net

DBEdit 2 is a database editor, which can connect to an Oracle, DB2, MySQL and any database that provides a JDBC driver. It runs on Windows, Linux and Solaris.

Open source[edit]

DBEdit is free and open source software and distributed under the GNU General Public License. The source code is hosted on SourceForge.


DBEdit is developed by Jef Van Den Ouweland. The first Windows version was released in January 2006 and was used to edit an Oracle or DB2 database. It is written in Java. Later on, generic JDBC support was added so that the application could connect to basically any type of database that provides a JDBC driver. One year after the first release, support for other operating systems, such as Linux and Solaris, was added. The last version of DBEdit was released in May 2012 [1]

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