DB Class 78.10

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DB Class 78.10
Number(s) DB 78 1001–1002
Quantity 2
Manufacturer Krauss-Maffei
Year(s) of manufacture 1951
Retired 1961
Wheel arrangement 4-6-4T
Axle arrangement 2'C2'
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Length over buffers 17,237 mm
Height 4,550 mm
Overall wheelbase 14,070 mm
Empty weight 81 t
Service weight 110.0 t
Adhesive weight 51.1 t
Axle load 17.3 t
Top speed 100 km/h
Indicated Power 868 kW
Driving wheel diameter 1,750 mm
Leading wheel diameter 1,000 mm
Trailing wheel diameter 1,000 mm
Valve gear Walschaerts (Heusinger)
Cylinder bore 575 mm
Piston stroke 630 mm
Boiler Overpressure 12 bar
No. of heating tubes 123
No. of smoke tubes 26
Heating tube length 4,700 mm
Grate area 2.58 m2
Superheater area 58.90 m2
Evaporative heating area 143.28 m2
Water capacity 17 m3
Fuel 5 t
Brakes Compressed-air brake

The two German steam locomotives of DB Class 78.10, operated by the Deutsche Bundesbahn, were rebuilds based on two Prussian P 8 engines which were converted by the firm of Krauss-Maffei and the Minden repair shop. The aim was to improve the acceleration performance of the vehicles, especially for duties on suburban lines and city (Stadtbahn) lines.

The running gear, drive and boilers of both locomotives, which originally had the running numbers 38 2919 and 38 2990, remained virtually unchanged. The driver's cab was redesigned. A short tender was added which was coupled to the engine with a shaft and improved the riding qualities when running in reverse. The locomotives were classed as tank engines and initially worked in the Munich area, later in Augsburg and finally by Lake Constance. They remained the only ones of their type and were retired as early as 1961.

Neither of the two DB Class 78.10 locomotives has been preserved.

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