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DB Records

DB Records is a record label owned by Danny Beard. The label's headquarters reside in the Wax N Facts record store in the Atlanta, Georgia neighborhood of Little Five Points.


In 1978, Danny Beard helped some friends in an Athens, Georgia rock band. He recorded that group, The B-52's, and released its single, "Rock Lobster." The record sold nearly 20,000 copies.[1]

"It was a great record and a great group," Beard told reporter Jim McConnell, "and it fooled me into thinking that having a record label was easy."

Beard also felt the need to record and help out other local musicians. He produced Pylon's groundbreaking first single, Cool/Dub, which was released on Athens' Caution Records label in 1979. Bands appearing on DB records included the Coolies, Fetchin' Bones, Guadalcanal Diary, the Jody Grind, Love Tractor, Pylon, Right As Rain, The Swimming Pool Q's, Uncle Green and Zeitgeist (later as the Reivers). Through the '80s DB records became known as a source of great southern regional music.

Many of the bands who were recorded on DB Records also performed live at Atlanta's 688 Club, a popular venue for alternative bands.

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