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DB Regio AG is a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn which operates short and medium distance commuter train services in Germany.

DB Regio train in Wrocław, Poland


Unlike its long-distance counterpart DB Fernverkehr, DB Regio does not operate trains on its own account. Services are ordered and paid for by the Bundesländer or their Landkreise. Some states have awarded long-term contracts to DB Regio (usually 10 to 15 years).


ÖstgötaTrafiken has given DB Regio Sverige a contract to operate local trains for 10 years from December 12, 2010.[1]


Since Deutsche Bahn's purchase of Arriva in January 2010, DB Regio's operations in the United Kingdom are now known as Arriva UK Trains.


Rounded numbers, taken from [1][dead link]

  • 1,300 locomotives
  • 5,300 passenger cars
  • 3,100 multiple units

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