DC-Jam Records

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DC-Jam Records
DC-Jam Records "Sick" Logo.jpg
Founded2006 (2006)
FounderDarron Hemann
GenrePunk, hardcore, ska
Country of originU.S.
LocationSpringfield, Missouri
Official websitewww.dcjamrecords.com

DC-Jam Records is a Midwest American record label founded in 2006 by Darron Hemann that focuses primarily on punk rock, ska, and experimental music.[1] Darron Hemann</ref> The label features well-known classic punk rock artists such as T.S.O.L., JFA,[2] Fishbone, Meat Puppets, Richie Ramone, The Adicts, Down By Law, Trusty, and Government Issue, and several others including The Soviet Machines, Porcupine, Onward, etc., Luicidal, Dirty Filthy Mugs,[2] The Generators, Kirkwood Dellinger[3] Downtown Brown,[4] and Fast Piece of Furniture (featuring Jeff Nelson of Dischord Records and Minor Threat).[5]



  • Various “DC-Jam Skate Rock Vol.1” CD X2


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