DC-Jam Records

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DC-Jam Records
DC-Jam Records "Sick" Logo.jpg
Founded 2006
Founder Darron Hemman
Country of origin US
Location Springfield, Missouri
Official website http://www.dcjamrecords.com

DC-Jam Records is an American record label founded in 2006 by President Darron Hemann that focuses primarily on the genres of Punk Rock, Ska, and Experimental music.[1] The company was established in 2006, though their first official release didn't happen until early 2008.[2] The label features well-known classic punk rock artists such as: T.S.O.L., JFA,[3] Fishbone, The Adicts, Down By Law, Trusty, and Government Issue, among others, and several up and comers including Dirty Filthy Mugs,[3] The Generators, Machine 22, Kirkwood Dellinger[4] Downtown Brown,[5] and Fast Piece of Furniture (featuring Jeff Nelson of Dischord Records and Minor Threat).[6]


The Adicts "All The Young Droogs" CD & LP

Fishbone “Crazy Glue” CD

Fishbone “Live” PIC DISC LP x2

Government Issue “The Punk Remains The Same” CD & 7"

JFA “Speed of Sound” CD

JFA “To All Our Friends” CD & LP

T.S.O.L. “Life Liberty & the Pursuit of Free Downloads” PIC DISC LP

Dirty Filthy Mugs “All Yobs In” CD & PIC DISC LP

Dirty Filthy Mugs “Bodkin Downs” 7"

Dirty Filthy Mugs “Up in The Downs” CD

300 Pounds “Trail of Numbered Days” CD

Downtown Brown “Grabbleton Beach” CD

Fast Piece of Furniture “Adventures in Contentment” LP

Frontside Five “Resurrection Cemetery” CD

The Heard “Genesis” CD

Kirkwood Dellinger “Gold” CD

Machine 22 “Off The Record” CD

Minus-One “The Kids Don’t Skate Here” CD

Neon Wilderness “Pure Power” CD

Painted Willie “Mind Bowling” CD

Onward, etc. TBA CD

The Rudy Schwartz Project “Bowling for Appliances” CD

The Rudy Schwartz Project “Delicious Ass Frenzy” CD

The Rudy Schwartz Project “Remembering a Summertime Rash” CD

The Rudy Schwartz Project The Year They Switched to Cornmeal” CD

Trusty “Demo” CD

Venomous “Preserved Emergencies” CD

The Generators “Last of The Pariahs” CD

Richie Ramone "Entitled" CD and Vinyl


Various “DC-Jam Skate Rock Vol.1” CD X2


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