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DC10 Terrace 2007.jpg
DC10 terrace
Location Ibiza, Spain
Coordinates 38°52′48″N 1°23′30″E / 38.88000°N 1.39167°E / 38.88000; 1.39167Coordinates: 38°52′48″N 1°23′30″E / 38.88000°N 1.39167°E / 38.88000; 1.39167
Type nightclub
Genre(s) techno, house, minimal, tech-house
Opened 2000
DC10 logo

DC10 (Spanish: [de θe ðjeθ], Catalan: [ˈde ˈse ˈðɛw]) is a nightclub on the island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean. It is located in a converted finca off the end of the airport runway on the South-East side of the island. Located in a former airplane hangar, the covered terrace nightclub holds 1,500 revelers.[1]


The infamous Circoloco parties first started in July 1999. In its original format, sessions began at 6 am, as Space's 24-hour Sunday session ended. Italian promoters Andrea and Antonio programmed using a roster of non-mainstream European DJs and as awareness of the party developed, artists such as Danny Tenaglia, Sasha, Steve Lawler and Pete Tong were offering to play the club for free. By the 2002 season, the club's reputation had been documented by international dance music press. The club's reputation grew rapidly along with the resurgence of the popularity of the Minimal Techno genre with many of the club's residents at the forefront of this, including Tania Vulcano, Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Cirillo, Loco Dice, Jose De Divina and later, the Romanian trio Arpiar, Zip, Matthias Tanzmann, Jamie Jones, Clive Henry, Dan Ghenacia, Sossa, Damian Lazarus, Andrew Grant & System Of Survival. The club also attracted high profile regular guests such as Richie Hawtin, Josh Wink, Magda and Dinky. At its height, it was arguably responsible for the wider birth of the European minimal techno sound that has become so dominant in the second half of the decade.

The club's popularity also rested on its perceived existence outside the established group of Ibiza 'superclubs' (Space, Amnesia, Privilege Ibiza, Pacha (home of the Pacha Group), Eden and Es Paradis). The underground spirit of the Circoloco meant it didn't conform to the huge, polished, purpose-built corporate identities of the larger clubs, and in terms of music and atmosphere was far closer to the warehouse and open-air raves of the acid house era. Originally with a completely uncovered terrace (until it was covered completed in 2006) and spartan appearance, it was the antithesis of many of the rest of the island's clubs. With planes flying low over the club (its location was barely a kilometre from the end of the airport runway) and clubbers of a more European make-up than bigger venues, it had a hedonistic outlook and attitude.

2008 Season[edit]

On 6 October 2008, the venue was shut down by the Spanish authorities after previous closures and court battles with the government. This was due mainly to the venue only having a licence for 65 people (which it regularly exceeded).

The 2008 season closing party was held at Privilege nightclub after the surprise closure, due to many tourists having pre-booked flights and accommodation in anticipation of the final party.

2009 Season[edit]

As of 2009, The Spanish authorities have levied a 300,000 EUR fine and another year closure upon the club. On 8 September 2009, rumours about the reopening of the club were confirmed by owner Andrea who announced the club would reopen on Tuesday, 6 October for Circo Loco, the day the previous ban expired.

2010 Season[edit]

Against expectations, the club reopened in 2010 for the season on 31 May, with parties continuing every Monday (Circo Loco) and Friday (Pandemonium) until closing on 4 October, reopening doors on New Year's Eve 2011. New resident DJs for Circoloco included Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler and there were special performances by the likes of Tony Humphries.

2011 Season[edit]

Building from the successful return in 2010, DC10 enjoyed one of its busiest summers yet. Circoloco took 2010's 'The New Era' to the 'The Next Level' as well as cementing Friday's Pandemonium party, hosted by Tania Vulcano and also adding a new concept, 'From Disco to Techno', which ran every Wednesday and had label showcases from Visionquest, Hot Creations and Sci + Tec.

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