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The DC Comics Classics Library is a line of hardcover comic book collections, collecting classic storylines along similar lines as Marvel Comics' Marvel Premiere Classic line.


# Volume line Volume title Creators Material collected Publication date ISBN
1 Superman Kryptonite Nevermore Dennis O'Neil
Curt Swan
Superman #233-238, #240-242 2009/01/28 978-1401220853
2 Legion of Super-Heroes The Life and Death of Ferro Lad Jim Shooter
Curt Swan, et al.
Adventure Comics #346-347, #352-353, #357 2009/02/18 978-1401221935
3 Batman The Annuals, Vol. 1 Bill Finger
Edmond Hamilton
Dick Sprang, et al.
Batman Annual #1-3 2009/04/22 978-1401221928
4 Swamp Thing Roots of the Swamp Thing Len Wein
Berni Wrightson
House of Secrets #92
Swamp Thing #1-13
2009/05/27 978-1401222369
5 The Flash Flash of Two Worlds[1] Gardner Fox
Carmine Infantino
John Broome
The Flash #123, #129, #137, #151, #170, #173 2009/07/29 978-1401222987
6 Justice League of America Justice League of America by George Pérez, Vol. 1 Gerry Conway
George Pérez
Justice League of America #184-186, #192-194 2009/08/26 978-1401223212
7 Batman A Death in the Family[2] Jim Starlin
Marv Wolfman
George Pérez, et al.
Batman #426-429, #440-442
The New Titans #60-61
2009/09/23 978-1401225162
8 Justice League of America Justice League of America by George Pérez, Vol. 2 Gerry Conway
George Pérez, et al.
Justice League of America #195-197, #200 2010/04/13 978-1401224509
9 Batman The Annuals, Vol. 2 Bill Finger Batman Annual #4-7 2010/08/10 978-1401227913
10 Shazam! Monster Society of Evil[3] Otto Binder
C. C. Beck
stories from Captain Marvel Adventures #22, #43-45 publication cancelled [to be determined]

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  1. ^ Collects the stories that introduced the concept of the multiverse (Earth-Two) to the DC Universe. These stories saw the Silver Age Flash (Barry Allen) meet his Golden Age counterpart, Jay Garrick.
  2. ^ Collects the death of the second Robin, Jason Todd.
  3. ^ Replaces the out-of-print American Nostalgia Co./Hawk Books deluxe collection from 1989.