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DC Universe sublines Infinite Heroes (Superman pictured), Fighting Figures (The Joker vs. Batgirl pictured), Giants of Justice (Superman pictured), Classics (Crime-Stopper Batman pictured), and Justice League Unlimited (John Stewart-Captain Atom-Supergirl 3-pack pictured)

DC Universe is a toy brand manufactured by Mattel. It has five sub-lines – Classics, Fighting Figures, Giants of Justice, Infinite Heroes, and the reintegrated Justice League Unlimited line.


DC Universe Classics[edit]

This is considered by many to be the main line of the DC Universe re-brand. These are 6-inch scale figures based on characters in the entire DC library, an expansion from previous Mattel lines that only allowed for the use of Batman, and later on, Superman characters. The entire line is sculpted by the Four Horsemen Studios.

DC Universe Justice League Unlimited[edit]

Previously a line itself, then integrated into the DC Superheroes brand, Justice League Unlimited made its debut as a DC Universe product at the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con with its Giganta figure. Now exclusive to Target stores as of summer 2008, Justice League Unlimited is a collector-focused line consisting of single-, three-, and six-packed figures that have appeared in the animated series, as well as non-animated series characters.

DC Universe Infinite Heroes[edit]

This addition to the DC Universe stable takes characters that would appear in the flagship Classics line and puts them at a more collectible 3.75-inch scale. Figures are available as singles and three-packs, with six- and eight-packs available as retailer exclusives. Early statements from Mattel put the total character count for 2008 at around forty-five figures. One of the first six-packs contained characters from the Green Lantern mythos, while another revolves around Gotham City.

Mattel has stated that they are trying to make sure that the characters included in the Infinite Heroes line are not included in the Classics line in the same year to avoid having multiples of the same character on the shelves at once. The figure packages feature clippable Anti-Monitor points, which can be redeemed at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con for an exclusive Anti-Monitor figure.

Figures typically have limited articulation and minimal accessories. Following the announcement of Hasbro's Marvel Universe line, Mattel announced that the line will get increased articulation (an example is the upcoming Animal Man figure, unveiled at New York Comic Con 2009).

Crisis: Series One Singles[edit]

Crisis: Series One 3-packs[edit]

  • Three Pack 1 – Commissioner Gordon, Two Gotham City S.W.A.T. Team Members
  • Three Pack 2 – Flash (Wally West), Mirror Master, Weather Wizard
  • Three Pack 3 – Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark), Superman, Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)
  • Three Pack 4 – Starfire, Captain Boomerang (Owen Mercer), Raven
  • Three Pack 5 – Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Green Arrow, Black Canary
  • Three Pack 6 – Hawkman, Two Thanagarian Soldiers
  • Three Pack 7 – Lex Luthor, Two LexCorp Troopers (blond hair, variant included figures with brown hair)
  • Three Pack 8 – Flash (Jay Garrick), Mirror Master, Weather Wizard
  • Three Pack 9 – Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark), Bizarro, Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)
  • Three Pack 10 – Robin (Tim Drake), Batwoman, Nightwing (Red)
  • Three Pack 11 – Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, Black Adam
  • Three Pack 12 – Harbinger, Two Shadow Demons
  • Three Pack 13 – Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Star Sapphire, Black Hand
  • Three Pack 14 – Animal Man, Starfire, Adam Strange
  • Three Pack ?? – Trickster, The Flash, Heatwave
  • Three Pack ?? – Robin, Doctor Light, Ravager(Rose Wilson)
  • Three Pack 18 – Sinestro (Sinestro Corps Uniform), Parallax (Kyle Rayner), John Stewart (Green Power Glow)

75th Anniversary Figures[edit]

Each included a 75th anniversary collector's pin

Three Packs

Batman: Gotham Knight[edit]

Toys "R" Us Exclusives[edit]

Two Packs[edit]
  • Guy Gardner, Black Hand
  • Batman, Gotham City S.W.A.T.
  • Flash (Wally West), Professor Zoom
  • Captain Marvel, Black Adam
Defense of Oa Six Pack[edit]
  • Guy Gardner
  • Hal Jordan (Green Power Glow)
  • John Stewart
  • Qwardian Soldier
  • 2 Manhunter Robots (Battle-Damaged)
Gotham City Patrol Six Pack[edit]
Battle for Metropolis Eight Pack[edit]

Walmart Exclusive[edit]

Mallah's Revenge Value Gift Pack (commonly known as "Teen Titans Six Pack")[edit]
OMAC Attack Six Pack[edit]
Prelude to Doomsday Six Pack[edit]

Movie Exclusives[edit]

San Diego Comic Con Exclusives[edit]

Upcoming Figures[edit]

Other figures that have been seen in prototype form, read about in case breakdowns, mentioned in leaked Wal-Mart SKUs or seen at Toy Fair include:

DC Universe Fighting Figures[edit]

These are 3-inch scale figures with identical sculpts to the 6-inch figures with limited articulation, display stands and action features and/or weapons. These were previously going to be called Battleague figures and marketed as game figures but were later on consolidated into the DC Universe line as collectible figurines.


  • Catwoman vs. Batman
  • The Joker vs. Batgirl
  • Superman vs. Darkseid
  • Two-Face vs. Batman
  • Two-Face vs. Robin


The backs of the figure packages featured many more Fighting Figures but apparently none of them were released.

DC Universe Giants of Justice[edit]

While the Fighting Figures are half the size of the main line. These are double-sized versions of characters previously released as 6" figures. It is a continuation of the Mattel 12" Batman and Mattel 12" DC Superheroes line.

Series One[edit]

The first Giants of Justice were released practically unannounced. As soon as the line was mentioned by Mattel, they were already showing up in Toys "R" Us locations and eBay.

  • Batman (costume repainted gray and blue)
  • Batman (variant, costume repainted gray and black)
  • Killer Croc (classic)
  • Superman (classic)
  • Cyborg Superman (Villain)

SDCC 2009 Exclusive[edit]

  • Flash (Barry Allen)

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