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DC and the Family, originally The Steve and DC Morning Show, was a radio program that began broadcasting in 1991 on WMLL radio, St. Louis, Missouri.[citation needed] Hosted by radio personalities Steve Shannon and DC Chymes, the program followed a standard "morning show" format,[citation needed] featuring current news stories, entertainment industry gossip, games, phone shams, current affairs debates and personal stories from the program's staff and their families.

On April 23, 2008, Shannon announced he was leaving the show[1] to pursue a career in Birmingham, Alabama, hosting the morning news program on Clear Channel station WERC 960 AM.[2]

Following Shannon's departure from the program, as of May 2008, DC continued to host the syndicated radio show, renaming it DC and the Family.[3] DC is joined by a variety recurring guests and staff on the program, including Lil' Bobby and Producer Anna.


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