DDO 169

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DDO 169
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Constellation Canes Venatici
Right ascension 13h 15m 30.31s
Declination +47° 29′ 56.2″
Redshift +260 km/s
Distance 6.03 / 8.23 Mpc[1][2]
(19.7 / 26.8 million ly)
Apparent magnitude (V) 14.61
Type IAm
Apparent size (V) 2.7′ × 0.9'
Other designations
UGC 8331, PGC 46127
See also: Galaxy, List of galaxies

DDO 169 (also known as UGC 8331) is an irregular galaxy located in the constellation Canes Venatici. It is a member of the M51 Group of galaxies and measures approximately 5 × 1.5 kiloparsecs (16,000 × 5,000 lightyears).[1] The galaxy's large-scale structure is very unorganized and it has two clusters of stars in its outer portions in addition to the cluster in the center.[3] These clusters make it practically impossible to determine the galaxy's rotation curve and contributes to a large variation in distance figures that are derived with different methods.[1][3] The exact distance to the galaxy is not known, although a 1998 paper estimated the distance as 8.23 megaparsecs.[2]


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