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Doordarshan Malayalam
ദൂർദർശൻ മലയാളം
Type Terrestrial, satellite television & cable television network
Availability India and parts of Asia, China and Gulf Countries.
Headquarters Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India,
Owner Prasar Bharati
Launch date
Former names
DD-4 Malayalam
Official website

DD Malayalam (Malayalam:ഡി.ഡി മലയാളം) is a Malayalam language television channel operated by India's national broadcaster Doordarshan.It's commonly known as DD4 Malayalam although is not officially used now. The name was changed to DD Malayalam after 2000. It is one of the 11 Indian regional language channels operated by Doordarshan. DD Malayalam broadcasts from Kudappanakunnu, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

The channel broadcasts through satellite in the name DD Malayalam and through terrestrial in the name DD Keralam. The channel has its main studio in Thiruvananthapuram and an auxiliary studio in Thrissur. In terrestrial mode, DD Malayalam is available to 99.2%[1]of the population of Kerala. The satellite broadcast was started in 1994. It is also received in 64 countries spread over the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and America.


Though television made its entry in India on 15 September 1959 it took a quarter of century to speak the language of most literate state of India - Kerala. The television broadcast in Malayalam -the language of Kerala - under the legacy of Doordarshan was formally launched by the then Chief Minister of Kerala Mr.K.Karunakaran on 1 January 1985 at Tagore Centenary Hall, Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala.

The first ever television programme in Malayalam was a children's play entitled "Oru Koottam Urumbukal"-ഒരു കൂട്ടം ഉറുമ്പുകൾ (A Group of Ants) presented by Rangaprabhath Children's Theatre, Venjarammood, Kerala under the leadership of Mr.Kochunarayana Pillai. The play was written by legendary writer and academician in Malayalam Drama, Mr.G.Sankara Pillai. This first ever television programme in Malayalam was created and produced by A.Anwar, one of the legendary TV Directors and Producers in Malayalam. 'Oru Koottam Urumbukal' was aired at 6.30 pm on 2 January 1985. The duration of this children's play was 15 minutes.

Initially there was a broadcast in Malayalam for just 70 minutes daily from 1830 hrs to 1910 hrs. The first ever news bulletin Malayalam (വാർത്തകൾ) was aired live at 1900 hrs on 2 January 1985. This live bulletin was produced by Mr.T.Chamiyar and presented by Mr.G.R.Kannan. The text and visual contents were edited by Mr.Baiju Chandran, Mr.A.Anwar and Mr.P.K.Mohanan.

There were a score of programmes in a week specifically targeted to special audience as well as general public. Among them the most popular were 'Vaarthakal'-വാർത്തകൾ (News in Malayalam), 'Chithrageetham'-ചിത്രഗീതം (Malayalam Movie Songs), 'Malayala Chalachithram'-മലയാള ചലച്ചിത്രം (Movie in Malayalam), 'Poomottukal'-പൂമൊട്ടുകൾ(Children's Prograamme), 'Arogyavedi'-ആരോഗ്യ വേദി(Health Magazine), 'Sindooram'-സിന്ദൂരം (Women's Magazine), 'Padavukal'-പടവുകൾ (Development Prog), 'Kalikkalam'-കളിക്കളം (Sports Magazine), 'Yuvadarshanam'-യുവദർശനം (Youth Magazine) and Rainbow (English Magazine).

The premier band of Producers in Malayalam Television comprise T.Chamiyar, G.Sajan, C.K.Thomas, John Samuel, S.Venu, Baiju Chandran, M.A.Dilip, A.Anwar, R.Syamaprasad, P.K.Mohanan, G.Jayakumar and T.N.Latha Mony.

The first ever tele-serial in Malayalam was a joint production of Doordarshan and UNICEF entitled "Oru Poo Viriyunnu"-ഒരു പൂ വിരിയുന്നു (A flower blossoms) which went on air in 1990. The serial was written and directed by Eravi Gopalan, A.Anwar and P.K.Mohanan.

There were many classic productions in Malayalam television was born under the banner of Doordarshan - the Public Service Broadcaster of India. Among them the following are the most astonishing productions still persist its dominance in the small screen: "Venalinte Ozhivu"-വേനലിൻ്റെ ഒഴിവ് (Telefilm, Story-Madhavikutty, Directed by Syamaprasad), 'Kariyilakal Moodiya Vazhitharakal'-കരിയിലകൾ മൂടിയ വഴിത്താരകൾ (Telefilm, Directed by Syamaprasad) 'Blood-stained Allies of the Yore' (Documentary, Directed by Baiju Chandran) 'Uyarthezhunelpu'-ഉയർത്തെഴുനേൽപ്പ്‌ (Telefilm, Directed by Syamaprasad), 'Viswa Vikhyaathamaaya Mookku'-വിശ്വവിഖ്യാതമായ മൂക്ക് (Drama, Story-Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, Directed by Syamaprasad), 'Snehathinte Mullukal'-സ്നേഹത്തിന്റെ മുള്ളുകൾ (Telefilm, Story-N.Mohanan, Directed by A.Anwar), 'Ragging - Crime & Punishment'-റാഗിങ്: കുറ്റവും ശിക്ഷയും (Documentary, Directed by A.Anwar)'Ithente Mannu, Ithente Thaalam'-ഇതെൻറെ മണ്ണ്, ഇതെൻറെ താളം (Musical Feature, Directed by A.Anwar), 'Hamlet of Mountain Monarch'-വരയാടുകളുടെ ലോകം (Documentary, Directed by A.Anwar), 'Golden Dream'-സുവർണ്ണ സ്വപ്നം (Children's Programme, Directed by A.Anwar), 'Prathiknjaa'-പ്രതിജ്ഞ ((Telefilm, Story-P.Kesavadev, Directed by A.Anwar), 'Madhuram Madhuram'-മധുരം, മധുരം (Patriotic Song, Written by Rafeeq Ahamed, Directed by A.Anwar) and'Sooraj ke Pahale' (Patriotic Song, Written by K.J.Singh,Directed by A.Anwar).

While private channels are set their target to gather more commercial earnings than any other parameters of social development Doordarshan had relentlessly shown its social commitment for human development. DD Malayalam is no exception in this regard.


DD Malayalam has entertainment serials, infotainment programmes, news and current affairs, social programmes and film programmes as its major content. DD Malayalam news Varthakal from its inception in 1985 was popular among the viewers for its crisp and 'to-the-point' presentation. 'Varthakal' speaks the 'best Malayalam' among the Malayalam TV Channels.

Legacy shows[edit]

  • 'Oru Poo Viriyunnu' (Malayalam: ഒരു പൂ വിരിയുന്നു, meaning: A Flower Blossoms), a public interest TV serial with 87% viewers' participation. Aired during late 1980's, in 13 weekly episodes. It is the first ever full-fledged story based serial in Malayalam.
  • Kairalivilasam 'Ladge' (Malayalam: കൈരളി വിലാസം 'ലാഡ്ജ് '), a satirical series aired in the early 1990s in 13 weekly episodes. The serial starred M. S. Thripunithura and Nedumudi Venu.
  • Giant Robo (tokusatsu), a Japanese TV series of the 1960s was aired as 'Giant Robot' during 1990-91 in weekly episodes.

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