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DD cream is a marketing term that followed the invention of BB creams and CC creams, and it often stands for dynamic do-all or daily defense.[1] There is no quantifiable definition of a DD cream that distinguishes it from BB or CC creams.

Its definition in fashion media channels varies: for example, it is sometimes described as a BB/CC hybrid[2] with additional anti-aging properties,[1] or as combining "the protection properties of a BB cream and the colour correcting properties of a CC cream."[3][4]

Like BB and CC creams, DD creams contain SPF, anti-aging, and moisturizing ingredients,[3] and differences between them and the BB and CC variants differ from brand to brand.


Beginning in 2012, companies began releasing a number of DD creams, calling them "daily defense" creams for your body with a focus on anti-aging properties.[5][6][7]

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