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Industry Internet, 3D Printing
Founded Austin, TX (2013)
Founder Cody Wilson
Headquarters Austin, TX
Products See "Products and Solutions"

DEFCAD, Inc. is an Austin-based startup that has created a search engine and web portal for designers and hobbyists to find and develop 3D printable and other CAD models online launched by Defense Distributed.



When Makerbot Industries' removed firearms-related 3D Printable files at the public repository Thingiverse in December 2012,[1][2][3] the open source software firm Defense Distributed launched DEFCAD as a companion site to publicly host the removed files and its own.[4][5][6] Public and community submissions to DEFCAD rose quickly,[7] and in March 2013, at the SXSW Interactive festival, Cody Wilson announced a repurposed and expanded site and company that would serve as a 3D search engine and development hub.[8][9][10]

DEFCAD has been called "The Pirate Bay of 3D Printing"[11] and "the anti-Makerbot".[10]

Products and Solutions[edit]


DEFCAD began as a repository where users could upload and download CAD models, but quickly became a community with the addition of an IRC channel and public forums. The site has over 2,500 community users and offers access to over 100,000 models.[12]


In August 2013, DEFCAD released the public alpha of its 3D search engine which indexes public object repositories and allows users to add their own objects.

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