DeKalb Genetics Corporation

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DEKALB Genetics Corporation
Founded DeKalb, Illinois, USA (1912)
Products crop seeds, chickens
Parent Monsanto
Corn field planted with DeKalb DKC 53-45 seed

DeKalb Genetics Corporation (often stylized DEKALB; formerly DeKalb Agricultural Association and DEKALB AgResearch) was a diversified company headquartered in DeKalb, Illinois that marketed agricultural seeds and other products. The company was best known for its leading role in the development of hybrid corn and for its "winged ear" logo. DeKalb Genetics Corporation was purchased by the Monsanto Company in 1998. The DeKalb seed business, the DEKALB brand and the winged ear logo are now owned and managed by Monsanto.[1]

Corporate history[edit]

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