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Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2018–19 DEL2 season
DEL2 logo.png
Formerly2nd Bundesliga
SportIce hockey
Inaugural season2013–14
No. of teams14
CountryGermany Germany
Most recent
Bietigheim Steelers
Most titlesBietigheim Steelers (2x)
Promotion toDEL (2020-21 onward)
DEL and Oberliga

DEL2, also known as DEL II, is the second-level of ice hockey in Germany, below the Deutsche Eishockey Liga (German Ice Hockey League). Founded in 2013, it is administered by the ESBG.

In September 2015 the DEL and DEL2 agreed to reintroduce promotion and relegation between the two leagues from the 2017–18 season onwards. The DEL2 champion would then have the opportunity to be promoted, provided it fulfilled the licensing requirements of the DEL, while the last-placed DEL club would be relegated.[1]

In the 2015–16 season the league was the best-supported second-tier ice hockey league in Europe with an average of 2,688 spectators per game.[2]

On 1 July 2016 the Fischtown Pinguins became the first DEL2 team to be admitted to the DEL, replacing the Hamburg Freezers in the league for 2016–17.[3]

Current teams[edit]

The league had 12 teams participating in the 2013–14 season, before expanding to 14 teams from the 2014–15 season.[4]

DEL2 Teams: 2016–17 Season[5]
Team Location Arena Capacity Founded Joined league
City State
EC Bad Nauheim Bad Nauheim Flag of Hesse.svg Hesse Colonel Knight Stadion 4,500 1982 2013
EHC Bayreuth Bayreuth Flag of Bavaria (lozengy).svg Bavaria Städtisches Kunsteisstadion Bayreuth 4,555 2006 2016
Bietigheim Steelers Bietigheim-Bissingen Flag of Baden-Württemberg.svg Baden-Württemberg EgeTransArena 4,500 1981 2013
Eispiraten Crimmitschau Crimmitschau Flag of Saxony.svg Saxony Eisstadion im Sahnpark 5,222 1990 2013
Dresdner Eislöwen Dresden Flag of Saxony.svg Saxony EnergieVerbund Arena 4,200 1990 2013
Löwen Frankfurt Frankfurt Flag of Hesse.svg Hesse Eissporthalle Frankfurt 6,990 2010 2014
EHC Freiburg Freiburg im Breisgau Flag of Baden-Württemberg.svg Baden-Württemberg Franz Siegel Stadion 5,800 1984 2015
Heilbronner Falken Heilbronn Flag of Baden-Württemberg.svg Baden-Württemberg Kolbenschmidt Arena 4,000 1980 2013
Kassel Huskies Kassel Flag of Hesse.svg Hesse Eissporthalle Kassel 6,100 1977 2014
ESV Kaufbeuren Kaufbeuren Flag of Bavaria (lozengy).svg Bavaria Erdgas Schwaben Arena 3,100 1946 2013
Lausitzer Füchse Weißwasser Flag of Saxony.svg Saxony Eisarena Weißwasser 3,050 1932 2013
Ravensburg Towerstars Ravensburg Flag of Baden-Württemberg.svg Baden-Württemberg Eissporthalle Ravensburg 3,300 1881 2013
SC Riessersee Garmisch-Partenkirchen Flag of Bavaria (lozengy).svg Bavaria Olympia-Eissport-Zentrum 6,929 1923 2013
Tölzer Löwen Bad Tölz Flag of Bavaria (lozengy).svg Bavaria Hacker-Pschorr-Arena 4,115 1928 2017

Former teams[edit]

Former DEL2 Teams:
Team Location Arena Capacity Founded Joined league Left league
City State
EV Landshut Landshut Flag of Bavaria (lozengy).svg Bavaria Eisstadion am Gutenbergweg 6,750 1948 2013 2015
Fischtown Pinguins Bremerhaven Flag of Bremen.svg Bremen Eisarena Bremerhaven 4,674 1974 2013 2016
Starbulls Rosenheim Rosenheim Flag of Bavaria (lozengy).svg Bavaria Emilo Stadion 4,750 1928 2013 2017


The champions, runners-up and regular season winners of the league:[6]

Season Champions Runners-up Regular Season
2013–14 Fischtown Pinguins Bietigheim Steelers Fischtown Pinguins
2014–15 Bietigheim Steelers Fischtown Pinguins Bietigheim Steelers
2015–16 EC Kassel Huskies Bietigheim Steelers Bietigheim Steelers
2016-17 Löwen Frankfurt Bietigheim Steelers Bietigheim Steelers
2017-18 Bietigheim Steelers SC Riessersee SC Riessersee


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