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DEREVO is a physical theatre company founded by Anton Adasinsky in 1988 in St. Petersburg (former Leningrad), Russia, later in Prague, Czech Republic and now based in Dresden, Germany since 1996.[1]

They have performed throughout Europe, Russia and the UK, as well as in the United States and at festivals in South Korea, Japan and Brazil. They have produced a 16 mm film Süd. Grenze,[2] music CDs, photography books etc.

Founding members of DEREVO include: Anton Adasinsky (earlier he had been frontman, choreographer and played various instruments in the Soviet rock band AVIA and a member of Slava Polunin's pantomime theatre Litsedeyi); Tanya Khabarova; Dmitry Tyulpanov; Alexey Merkushev and Elena Yarovaya. DEREVO have collaborated with: Oleg Zhukovsky, Adam Read, Yael Karavan, Roman Dubinnikov (composer, percussionist, sound designer), Andrey Sizintsev (composer, percussionist, sound designer), Daniel Williams (composer, pianist/keyboards, sound designer), Falk Dittrich (lighting designer), Sergey Jakovsky (lighting designer).


DEREVO have received:

  • Total Theatre Award, Fringe First, Herald Angel and Herald Archangel at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
  • Support prize for performing arts of Academy of Arts in Berlin
  • Prix du Jury de Presse at the International Festival of contemporary mime - MIMOS, Périgueux (France)
  • The Golden Mask, a theatrical award in Russia


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