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DEX New York Cosmetics, Inc.
Industry Personal care
Founded March 2008[1]
Founder Dexter Phillip (CEO) and Daniel Padnos (CFO)[2]
Headquarters New York City, United States
Number of locations
19 (1 showroom, 18 retail partners)
Area served
North America
Products Cosmetics

DEX New York Cosmetics, Inc. is an American cosmetics company that specializes in mineral make-up without the use of mica or bismuth oxychloride as its base. Its product line includes DEX New York Cosmetics, as well as like-branded make-up applicators and accessories. Its corporate headquarters is located in New York - the cross roads of Fifth Avenue and East 57th Street.


Trinidad-born Dexter Phillip, a fashion consultant by trade, founded DEX New York in March 2008 together with partner Daniel Padnos. It consists of his mineral cosmetics line and a private beauty-and-photography studio in 65th Street in downtown Manhattan.[3] The company moved its studio to a 750-square-foot space in Fifth Avenue in 2010, with Lady Gaga as their first client.[4] The new studio is meant to be exclusive, as it can only accommodate two clients at a time and does not have a street-side window to ward off paparazzi.[5] Meanwhile, DEX New York Cosmetics has expanded into over 120 products,[6] including mineral-based skin products, powders, eye shadows, lipsticks, and sunless tanner.


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