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DFH Network Inc.
Satellite TV Platform
Founded December 25, 1998
Headquarters California, United States of America
Key people
Alinur Velidedeoğlu, Hakan Çizem
Website DFH Network

DFH Network is a pay platform that broadcasts Turkish television channels in North America. It was launched by Alinur Velidedeoğlu and Hakan Çizem. DFH Network carries 12 TV and 2 Radio stations, and has approximately 50,000 viewers. DFH Network uses Galaxy 19, 97° W satellite to broadcast to customers.


Satellite Channels[edit]

Radio Channels[edit]

  • Radyo D
  • Show Radyo

Viewing Packages[edit]

  • DFH Basic (DFH1 + DFH2 + DFH3 + DFH4 + DFH5 + DFH6 + DFH7)
  • DFH Premium (DFH Basic + DFH Sports)

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