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Di or DI may refer to:

In arts and media[edit]

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In education[edit]

Natural sciences and mathematics[edit]


Ethnic groups[edit]

  • Di (Wu Hu) (), an ethnic group that overran northern China during the Sixteen Kingdoms period
  • Beidi or Northern Di (), ethnic groups living in northern China during the Zhou Dynasty



In religion[edit]

  • di (), a Chinese word employed in
    • the temple names of deified Chinese emperors
    • Shangdi (Chinese: 上帝, lit. "Lord on High"), the Chinese name for the supreme sky god either in native Chinese beliefs or in translation of monotheistic faiths like Christianity and Islam
  • di (Chinese concept) (), the concept of "earth" in traditional Chinese cosmologies
  • di, an irregular Latin masculine plural of deus ("god", "deity")

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