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pCell technology is a mobile wireless technology developed by Artemis Networks claimed to allow all equipped mobile devices within a pCell coverage area to each receive 100% of the available theoretical bandwidth capacity.[1] This differs significantly from existing mobile wireless data technologies, such as 4G LTE, whereby the data throughput decreases as the number of active devices in the coverage area increases. The technology claims that it does not require increasing the amount of spectrum to increase the number of users served. It was originally under the name Distributed-input-Distributed-Output (DIDO).

If proven successful, this technology could significantly increase the spectrum efficiency of mobile data wireless providers across the industry, as well as creating the potential for providing an alternative transmission medium for the fixed cable and DSL industries, as it would eliminate the need to run twisted pair, coaxial cable or fiber to each premises in a community. Should implementation and deployment of pCell technology be successful, it could help to significantly alleviate the demand on spectrum capacity.[2] Several of the world's mobile operators have expressed interest in the technology.[3] pCell technology promises to be compatible with existing 4G LTE devices.[4]


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