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DIFC Towers.
General information
LocationDIFC, Dubai
Technical details
Floor countTower 1, 100
Tower 2, 75
Design and construction

DIFC towers is a complex of two supertall skyscrapers currently proposed for construction in DIFC, Dubai, UAE. DIFC tower 1 will have 100 floors and DIFC tower 2 will have 75 floors. The two towers will be connected by three bridges. It is planned that 85 percent of the towers will be office space and the remaining space will be retail and apartments. DIFC towers will be the second office tower in Dubai after Lighthouse tower, which incorporates wind turbines so that the building will be able to reduce the consumption of energy and water by 65 and 40 percent respectively. A total of 4,000 solar panels will be installed in the towers.

The DIFC towers will cost around US$816.7 million. The whole complex will be built on 20,000 sq ft (1,900 m2) of land in DIFC. The excavation will begin in the coming months and the towers will be completed in 2015.

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