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Digital Interactive Systems Corporation (or DISCover) is a company specializing in gaming technology for PCs. They are the creators of the DISCover technology which allow PC games to be played like a video game console.[1] The technology, which features the "Drop and Play" engine, auto-plays CDs or DVDs and automates scripts for installing and updating games.[2] Consoles with the engine connect to the Internet for game updates.[3] This technology debuted at the 2003 Electronic Entertainment Expo.[4]

Machines using DISCover technology include the Apex Extreme,[3] Alienware DHS 2[5] and DHS 5.[6]

In August 2007, DISCover announced that their Hardcore White-Label Gaming System, or HAWGS, technology would be used for FiringSquad's Ammo digital distribution service.[7] The following month, on September 2007, the company disclosed the InstaPlay desktop client, which improves the ease of use for accessing games.[8] DISCover chief executive officer David Ferrigno addressed Instaplay concerns and comparisons with other digital distribution services such as Direct2Drive and Steam.[9]

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