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United States
Founder(s)Zach Klein
Isaiah Saxon
Daren Rabinovitch
Andrew Sliwinski[1]
LaunchedMay 2012

DIY is a U.S.-based website and app[2][3] on which members younger than 18 can upload, share and view pictures and videos of projects they make.[4] DIY is an acronym for do it yourself.


DIY was founded by Vimeo co-founder Zach Klein, Isaiah Saxon, Andrew Sliwinski, and Daren Rabinovitch in May 2012.[5][6] Local clubs based on the DIY model have since sprung up in several places.[7][8]


DIY members complete projects to solve particular challenges designed by the company to teach skills.[9] Members earn patches, which are sent to them in the mail, for successfully completing a specified number of challenges for each skill.[10] There are 120 skills offered[11] including Architect, Backyard Farmer, Hardware Hacker, Special Effects Wizard, and Zoologist.[12]

As of September, 2013, 100,000 children had registered as members of The average age was 12.[13] As of October, 2016, over 400,000 kids have registered.

The animation studio Encyclopedia Pictura is creating an animated series based on the DIY world.[14]


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