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DIY Research (DIY Market Research) means marketing, customer or personnel research using online research methods that any individual or organization, whether they be a professional researcher or not, carries out via special online research software, or online survey tool. These survey software products allow users to connect and perform one-on-one online interviews,[1][2] create online questionnaires,[3] distribute them to an email list[4] or internet access panels[5], and analyze the data in real time without outsourcing[6] to a specialised research agency or data processing company.

DIY Quantitative Research[edit]

Quantitative research is a structured approach to gathering and evaluating data from different sources using different statistical tools[7]. DIY quantitative research tools provide resources to individuals to identify sample needs based on specific criteria for their research study[8]. Historically, quantitative research studies required several resources – a sampling provider that manages a panel of individuals that match the demographic and psychographic needs of the researchers, tools for creating and implementing surveys, and tools for analyzing the results of such a survey.

DIY quantitative research systems are frequently software as a service (SaaS)[9], allowing for all participants in the market research process to collaborate in a single interface, while integrating with outside survey authoring and analytics tools.


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