DJ-Kicks: C. J. Bolland

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DJ-Kicks: C.J. Bolland
Compilation album by C.J. Bolland
Released 4 September 1995
Recorded n/a
Genre Electronica
Label Studio !K7
!K7038CD (CD)
!K7038LP (LP)
C.J. Bolland chronology
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(1995)Electronic Highway1995
DJ-Kicks: C.J. Bolland
The Analogue Theatre
(1996)The Analogue Theatre1996
DJ-Kicks chronology
C.J. Bolland
(1995) C.J. Bolland1995
Carl Craig
(1996) Carl Craig1996
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

DJ-Kicks: C.J. Bolland is a DJ mix album mixed by C.J. Bolland. It was the first album in the DJ-Kicks series, and was released on 4 September 1995 on the Studio !K7 independent record label.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Patrick Pulsinger - Construction Tool
  2. Damon Wild & Tim Taylor - Bang the Acid
  3. Joey Beltram - Drome
  4. Magenta - Memory Panic
  5. Bandulu - Presence
  6. Nexus 6 - AB-Chic
  7. B.C. - Stronghold
  8. Manuel & Clive - Recognised
  9. Planetary Assault Systems - In From the Night
  10. Rotor Type - Be Yourself
  11. Clementine - Syn Son
  12. Sound Enforcer - Re-Enforcement
  13. Paramatrix - Transverse Waves
  14. Planetary Assault Systems - Starway Ritual
  15. Phrenetic System - Wayfarer


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