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DJ Max Technika 3 teaser.jpg
Title screen of DJMax Technika 3
Developer(s) Pentavision
Publisher(s) Pentavision
Producer(s) Xeronion
Designer(s) Xeronion
Platform(s) Arcade
  • KOR: October 27, 2011
  • NA: December 10, 2011
  • PHL: December 18, 2011
  • SGP: December 25, 2011
  • CHN: January 17, 2012
  • THA: January 20, 2012
  • AU: January 23, 2012
  • CHL: August 9, 2012
Genre(s) Music
Mode(s) Single-player Multiplayer (online)

DJMax Technika 3 (Korean: 디제이맥스 테크니카3) is a music arcade game published and developed by Pentavision in South Korea, and is a sequel to the earlier DJMax Technika 2 arcade game in the DJMax game series.


The development of DJMAX Technika 3 was publicly announced by Pentavision on 7 September 2011. The announcement explained that the game would feature music tracks from artists in earlier DJMAX games such as Croove, NDLee and Tsukasa, in addition to new artists including Laurent Newfield and TANUKI. Tracks by the Korean girl band KARA were also mentioned to be included within the game.[1][2][3]

According to the official press release by Pentavision, "the game will feature new and upgraded content of the rhythm game loved by enthusiasts, and the stylish design will attract new players... information regarding location testing schedules and support information will eventually be released".[1]

Game information[edit]

Gameplay screenshot of DJMax Technika 3, demonstrating the new game interface.
Box of the Technika 3 Platinum Blue Collection.

As with earlier DJMax Technika games, Technika 3 utilizes the "Platinum Crew" service for online play and rankings. The "Crew Challenge" mode includes various mission modes of varying difficulties and involves various "crew" teamplay elements.[4]

Various merchandise was sold by Pentavision, including the DJMAX Technika 3 Limited Edition OST package, as well as a "Platinum Blue Collection" which includes the game soundtrack, Platinum Blue International IC Card (for gameplay), a card case and stickers. The Platinum Blue Collection was limited to a number of 2000 copies for sale.[4] The International IC cards can be used on any Technika 3 machine worldwide, however data cannot be transferred from region to region, similar to the limited edition Technika 2 Signature IC cards that were bundled within game soundtrack packages.[5]


In the same playing style with earlier editions of DJMax Technika, the game requires the player to touch musical notes which appear at various points on the arcade touchscreen in sync with the rhythm of a song as it plays, specifically as a bar which moves along the upper and bottom halves of the screen crosses the notes. There are various different note types as well, and each category of notes are played in a different manner. Whilst playing, the fever meter builds up as notes are successfully touched on progression; once full the player may activate "fever mode", which increases the score value of each note for a limited duration. The "groove meter" will decrease if notes are missed, and once empty the player fails the chart and the game concludes.

The game features five game modes:

  • Star Mixing: Explained within the in-game menu as "normal difficulty", this singleplayer mode uses three rows of notes. One play involves three songs which are manually selected by the player.
  • Pop Mixing: Explained within the in-game menu as "hard difficulty", this singleplayer mode uses four rows of notes. One play involves three songs which are manually selected by the player.
  • Club Mixing: Explained within the in-game menu as "maniac difficulty", this singleplayer mode uses four rows of notes. The player selects a mixing set of songs that contain a limited range of six songs, and of these six, three songs are chosen to be played in any order determined by the player. A fourth song is determined based on the player's performance.
  • Crew Race: Explained within the in-game menu as "various difficulty", this is an online mode. One play involves three songs, and the mode involves the player competing against a challenge based on computer-generated scores.
  • Crew Challenge: Explained within the in-game menu as "various difficulty", this is an online mode. This mode features competitions, events and game challenge missions, and up to three songs are played. The types of missions available are:
    • Crew Mission: Mode based on cooperative play, which gives rewards when team players clear the mission.
    • Challenge Mission: Mode containing challenges to be cleared.
    • Special Mission: Mode containing missions from competitions and events.

The player is able to record their scores and gather MAX points by saving data on an IC card. MAX points are used to purchase additional songs, effectors, DJ icons, notes and emblems.

Game Data[edit]

Technika 3 New songs[edit]

As of present, list of known new songs include:[4]

Song Title Genre Composer Visualizer Vocal
Fallin'in LUV Luv Pop 3rd Coast Tari, jo jeong joo So fly, JC
Now a NEW Day Electric Pop Sui.Jay BF, Jin Sui.Jay
Wanna be your LOVER 80's Dance Laurent Newfield & Ravenant Zaquard, shin 105 Alex Ray
Give Me 5 Soulful House ND Lee SARA, ENTIA J Baby Chou
AD2222 Junkno Croove KIMYS -
Out of CTRL Drum 'n Bass Mr.Funky ZAKTAN, out Yohan (PIA)
SigNalize Electro Trance Paul Bazooka Z_B -
Xeus Melodic Trance XeoN UKYO, hoon -
Black Swan Electronic Waltz TAK Naye,Taek -
SuperNova Rave Cranky OTTOL, ENTIA J Vocal Foundry
Over the Rainbow Ani Pop Tsukasa MIMO, Jin Aki Misawa
You & Me K-Pop NieN Kkuem, Jin 정상희, 헤린
Heart Beat Part. 2
설레임 Part. 2 (Seoleim Part. 2)
Cute Pop ND Lee Lee Woo Chul, shin 105 Miya, Sweet Sister
A Life With You Broken Beat makou MandRill,hoon Fumi
Dream Again Ani Pop DINY Young-in, ENTIA J CREHA
Kung-Fu Rider Oriental Funk AstroKid Eco
ShowDown Brass Funk LeeZu Gagberman, DumpingLife -
Ghost (유령) Fusion Hiphop STi Tari, nova 류수정, STi
EGG Light Pop Nauts Armcho ZeeN
Emblem Irish Dance makou D, Xloth -
My Heart, My Soul R&B Slow 3rd Coast SAGWANAMU, jo jeong joo So fly, JC
Dark Prism Melodic Trance Tsukasa SAGWANAMU, Ruki -
Chemical Slave Euro Dance XeoN AMITASIA -
Angel Euro Dance Laurent Newfield & Ravenant Jaguar Lee, aj Halya
Watch Your Step 90's Dance XeoN MandRill, hoon Vocal Forge
Feel Ma Beat Rap Metal NieN ZAKTAN, DumpingLife NieN, Jae Hwan
RockSTAR Electro House Mr.Funky aj Mike Blunck, Mr. Funky
Bamboo on Bamboo Gabber Sampling Masters MEGA Wony -
Right Back UK Hardcore TANUKI AMITASIA Royalty Free Samples
Victim of Love R&B Pop David Bower Sampal, out Jade
In the Tdot Electro Hip Hop Mr.Thoro Sampal, Carrotjuice Aspektz
You Should Get Over Me 90's Rock Jessica Wolff Sobong, aj Jessica Wolff
Ooh La La Soulful R&B Julie C ENTIA J Julie C
Just For Today Modern Rock J Minus managa, Nova Bee Simonds
Supersonic 2011 Rock Band Sound Lab
Jumping (점핑) K-Pop KARA; arranged by Sweetune DSP Entertainment KARA
STEP K-Pop KARA; arranged by Sweetune DSP Entertainment KARA
Pretty Girl K-Pop KARA; arranged by Sweetune DSP Entertainment KARA
Mister K-Pop KARA; arranged by Sweetune cozy KARA
Lupin K-Pop KARA; arranged by Sweetune DSP Entertainment KARA

New songs from earlier DJMAX games[edit]

Complete songlist[edit]

Club mixing disc sets[edit]


Technika 1 Disc Set[edit]

Technika 2 Disc Set[edit]

Technika 3 Disc Set[edit]

Crew Challenge Mission[edit]

Crew Mission (Weekly)[edit]

To use this mode, crew member status required.

Challenge Mission[edit]

Special Mission[edit]

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