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DJ Dero
Birth name Ezequiel Dero
Born (1968-07-10) 10 July 1968 (age 48)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Producer
  • musician
  • Keyboards
Years active 1981–present

Ezequiel Dero (born 10 July 1968), known by his stage name DJ Dero, is a DJ, producer and remixer of house, electro house, techno and Eurodance styles. He was a pioneer in his country and is recognized worldwide due to the production of hits, which were published in over 25 countries, as "Batucada", "Dero's Illusion," "Revolution" or "Maríacaipirinha" and also by participating in major festivals in the genre as the legendary Love Parade in Germany five times among other distinguished events.


Dero & Rivera[edit]

In March 2008, was presented with prestigious artists such as Robbie Rivera, Marco V, John Aquaviva, Seb Fontaine, Antoine Clamaran, Laidback Luke, Kurd Maverick and others as part of the festivities Juicy Amnesia Ibiza at renowned club Nocturnal on Miami. In April, his single "I Retro" is positioned in the place of the Buzz Chart number 15 from France and remix the theme of "Reverb" belonging to The Rivera Project being released by the label Juicy Music as a single and included in the album "Juicy Music Essentials Volume 4 " on the same label. In May, Paul Van Dyk includes the track "I Retro" in his compilation mixed by himself, named Cream Ibiza containing all the hits of the season on the island. In June 2008, he is presented alongside electro pop group Miranda! in former Obras Sanitarias Stadium in Buenos Aires in an impressive show with their Mirandamix.

In August he appeared at the Club Glam in Asuncion, Paraguay as part of the Heineken Music Festival. From there they went to Ibiza for the summer to play alongside Robbie Rivera Juicy at Amnesia Ibiza party. In that month, his tracks "I Retro" and "The Big Room" are part of the launch Juicy Ibiza 2008 (The Unmixed Singles) by the label Juicy Music. In September, the new single, along with Robbie Rivera, called "Truktor" is played by the legendary Judge Jules in for Pete Tong Essential Selection on BBC Radio 1 in the UK. In that month, launched a new version of their smash hit "Batucada - Dero & Rivera" next to one of the pioneers of global house, Robbie Rivera, a few days gets the # 1 selling downloads on the site at Beatport ranking of electro house and the number 4 in the main chart of the most downloaded by users around the world, also getting the post 6 in the Buzz Chart UK. This new version sounds electro house is hit by major worldwide DJs like Erick Morillo, David Guetta, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso and radio programs as the most important Fastrax Show of Pete Tong.

In November 2008 he made the worldwide release of a double album called I Retro, under its seal Oid Mortales Records, consisting of a CD called "iTracks" which contains all new productions, notably "Dero's Rave," " Dance "and" Illusion'08 ", a bonus DVD entitled "Live iRetro" with images of his tours around the world and a dj set in Mp3 named "Mp3 Dero IRetro Exclusive DJ Mix". Just one week of its appearance on the album was ranked 8 out of 100 top selling albums in Argentina as the ranking CAPIF. In turn, the edited remixes by Robbie Rivera, DMS12, MONDAY, Willie Morales and his own hit again in the world Batucada Juicy Music label with the name "Batucada (The Remixes)". In late November a new production called "Animal Retro" not yet published and began to dream in the most important shows such as "Fuck Me, Im Famous" by David Guetta is broadcast in the influential French signal FG DJ Radio.

In December, the single edit Truktor produced with Robbie Rivera based on his classic "Tuk Tak" with the label Juicy Music. His song "Batucada (Dero & Robbie Rivera Mix)" is included in the compiled Sensation Germany Part 2 of the world famous Ministry Of Sound label in that month. The single from Robbie Rivera called In Too Deep Remixes of remixes including Dero is chosen as Single Of The Week. Later that year, with David Guetta performs a bootleg version merging global hits Love Is Gone and "Batucada" by the name "Batucada Is Love" became a worldwide phenomenon, played by djs most influential presentations and radio programs. This track has yet to date of publication. 2009 Start your track being "Batucada - Dero & Rivera" from among the top 30 dance songs of 2008 according to the prestigious Buzz Chart (DMC Update), which is produced by prominent press in the UK.

Radio and TV[edit]

For over 20 years that has radio programs. It began in Buenos Aires 95.1 FM, called "Z 95" around the year 1989, at a time when sounds like House, New Beat, Techno Pop, Acid and other European trends became popular in Argentina. Then by the Energy 101.1 FM (NRG), a pioneer of electronic music with his program "DJ Dero In The Mix" in Argentina in the 1990s, said festival organizer famous raves during that decade. Later, he worked in radio X4 of the producer "Cuatro Cabezas" with its "South American Techno". Since 2007 and is producing and driving the show called "Dero en la 100" for three hours every Saturday starting at midnight to be transmitted by "La 100" FM 99.9 of Buenos Aires, Argentina, which includes a chain of more than 60 repeaters throughout Argentina in addition to the Internet broadcast. It also has an "Internet Radio" that is active 24 hours a day with music selected by him.

On television he co-driver program "Muchdance" which is aired live every Thursday, for the signal MuchMusic Argentina from 1998 to 2001 with Aldo Haydar and Juan Pablo Firter. The resident DJ was DJ Pitty the cycle and in the presence of guest DJs, national and international, such as Zombie Nation and Dj Hell among others.


Countries where his music was edited[edit]

  • Argentina Argentina
  • Australia Australia
  • Austria Austria
  • Belgium Belgium
  • Brazil Brazil
  • Canada Canada
  • Chile Chile
  • Denmark Denamark
  • Finland Finland
  • France France
  • Germany Germany
  • Greece Greece
  • Israel Israel
  • Italy Italy
  • Japan Japan
  • Mexico Mexico
  • Netherlands Netherlands
  • Norway Norway
  • Paraguay Paraguay
  • Philippines Philippines
  • Poland Poland
  • Portugal Portugal
  • Spain Spain
  • Sweden Sweden
  • United Kingdom UK
  • United States USA
  • Uruguay Uruguay
  • Slovenia Slovenia


  • 1992 Dj Dero Volumen 1
  • 1993 Dj Dero Volumen 2
  • 1995 Dj Dero Volumen 3
  • 1998 Dj Dero Volumen 4: World Tour 1999
  • 1999 Dj Dero 5: Millennium
  • 2001 Dj Dero 6: Euforia
  • 2001 Electrosamba
  • 2002 Electrolatino 7
  • 2004 Revolution 07
  • 2004 Candyall Beat (Carlinhos Brown & DJ Dero)
  • 2005 South American Techno
  • 2006 South American Techno 2
  • 2008 I Retro
  • 2009 Animal
  • 2009 Animal Night


  • 1992 Do The Rave Stomp
  • 1993 Batucada
  • 1993 Batucada (The Remixes)
  • 1993 I Want Your Love / Buenos Aires (Te Quiero)
  • 1994 Argentina EP
  • 1995 La Campana
  • 1996 Sube
  • 1997 The Horn (El Tren)
  • 1997 Vinyl #1
  • 1998 Batucada No.3 / Showtime
  • 1999 Millennium
  • 2000 Mayday 2000 / Batucada 2000
  • 2000 Unidos / The Horn 2000
  • 2001 Euforia - Oh My Dog
  • 2001 Tuk-tak
  • 2002 Buenos Aires EP
  • 2002 Berlin EP
  • 2002 Do The Tango
  • 2002 Electrolatino7
  • 2003 Revolution
  • 2003 Technobatucada
  • 2003 Supertango
  • 2004 Mariacaipirinha (Carlinhos Brown & DJ Dero)
  • 2004 Bocarriba (Carlinhos Brown & DJ Dero)
  • 2005 Dero's Illusion
  • 2007 I Retro
  • 2008 The Big Room
  • 2008 Batucada (Dero & Rivera)
  • 2008 Batucada (The Remixes) (Dero & Rivera)
  • 2008 Truktor (Dero & Rivera)
  • 2009 This is Animal Night (Dero & Montero)
  • 2009 1980 (Dero & Rivera)


  • 1992 Mercosur - Wow Wow Yeah (DJ Dero Mix)
  • 1993 Proteus 8 - Mueva (DJ Dero Tsuji Mix)
  • 1993 Proteus 8 - Mueva (DJ Dero 16 Bit Mix)
  • 1993 Proteus 8 - Mueva (DJ Dero Tsuji Dub)
  • 1993 Isabel - O Canto Da Cidade (DJ Dero Bongo Remix)
  • 1993 Soda Stereo - Cuando Pase El Temblor (Oid Mortales Mix)
  • 1994 King Africa - Salta (Verano Remix)
  • 1994 Libertad - Aurora (Do The Rave Stomp Remix)
  • 1994 One O One - N-R-G (DJ Dero Massivo Mix)
  • 1994 Reel 2 Real - I Like To Move It (DJ Dero NRG Remix)
  • 1995 Max-A-Million - Fat Boy (DJ Dero Los Brazos Mix)
  • 1996 Los Del Rio - La Niña Del Pañuelo Colorado (DJ Dero Remix)
  • 1996 Los Del Rio - La Niña Del Pañuelo Colorado (1, 2, 3, 4 DJ Dero Mix)
  • 1996 Los Del Rio - Macarena (Dj Dero Latin Piano Remix)
  • 1996 Los Del Rio - Macarena (Vocal Mix)
  • 1996 King Africa - Mama Yo Quiero (DJ Dero Remix)
  • 1996 Donna Summer - State Of Independence (Vocal Mix)
  • 1996 The Squad - Can You Feel It? (Batubongo Mix)
  • 1996 The Skuad - Can You Feel It? (Coco Bongo Mix)
  • 1996 Los Del Rio - Macarena (DJ Dero Batucada Mix)
  • 1997 David Byrne - Daddy Go Down (Dance Mix)
  • 1999 Dr. Motte & Westbam - Music Is The Key (Love Parade 99) (DJ Dero Buenos Aires Mix)
  • 1999 Dr. Motte & Westbam - Music Is The Key (Love Parade 99) (DJ Dero Buenos Aires Mortal Whistle Mix)
  • 2000 Mr. X & Mr. Y - Global Players (My Name Is Techno) (DJ Dero's Technoelectro Mix)
  • 2001 The Love Committee - You Can't Stop Us (Love Parade 2001) (DJ Dero Electrosamba Mix)
  • 2001 Lexy & K-Paul - The Greatest DJ (DJ Dero's Hells Bells Remix)
  • 2001 Lexy & K-Paul - The Greatest DJ (DJ Dero's After The Mix)
  • 2001 King Africa - Salta (DJ Dero Batucada Remix)
  • 2002 The Love Committee - Access Peace (Love Parade 2002) (DJ Dero Buenos Aires Scratchin' Mix)
  • 2002 The Love Committee - Access Peace (Love Parade 2002) (DJ Dero Mix Argentina)
  • 2003 The Love Committee - Love Rules (Love Parade 2003) (DJ Dero Sudamerika Remix)
  • 2003 Robbie Rivera - The Hum Melody (DJ Dero's Electrolatino Mix)
  • 2003 Westbam - Recognize (DJ Dero Electrolatino Mix)
  • 2003 Robbie Rivera - Hum Melody (DJ Dero Mix)
  • 2004 Members Of Mayday - Team X-Treme (DJ Dero Southamerican Techno Remix)
  • 2008 Robbie Rivera Feat. Laura Vane - In Too Deep (Dero & M.o.n.d.a.y Dub)
  • 2008 Robbie Rivera Feat. Laura Vane - In Too Deep (Dero & M.o.n.d.a.y Mix)
  • 2008 The Rivera Project - Reverb (Dero I Retro Mix)
  • 2009 Fidel Nadal vs Dero - International Love
  • 2009 David Guetta feat Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over (Fuck Me I'm Dero's Batucada Mix)
  • 2009 La Mafia Rumbera - 1,2,3,4 (Dero Animal Mix)
  • 2009 La Mafia Rumbera - 1,2,3,4 (Dero Animal Dub)
  • 2009 Robbie Rivera feat Fast Eddie - Let Me Sip My Drink (Dero Animal Night Mix)
  • 2009 David Guetta feat Estelle - One Love (Dero Animal Night Mix)
  • 2010 Marco V - Song In My Head (Dero Animal Night Mix)
  • 2010 Takeshy Kurosawa, Gube - Wassup (Dero 1980 Instrumental Mix)
  • 2010 Takeshy Kurosawa, Gube - Wassup (Dero 1980 Radio Mix)
  • 2010 Takeshy Kurosawa, Gube - Wassup (Dero 1980 Vocal Mix)
  • 2010 Robbie Rivera, Dero - I Love Batucada (Dero Animal Drums Mix)
  • 2010 Dero, Robbie Rivera - Oh Baby feat. Juan Magan (Dero Animal Night Mix)
  • 2010 Robbie Rivera - Move Move 2010 feat Rooster & Peralta (Dero Animal Night Mix)
  • 2010 Dero - Torero (Dero Animal Night Mix)
  • 2010 Dero - Theme From S-xpress (Dero Disco Vocal Mix)
  • 2010 Dero - Animaloca (Dero I Love Mix)
  • 2010 Darryl Green - El Caballero (Dero Animal Night Mix)

DJ Compilations[edit]

  • 1997 Remix III: DJ Dero In The Mix
  • 1998 Remix IV: DJ Dero In The Mix
  • 1998 Love Parade '98 - Dj Dero In The Mix
  • 1999 Remix V: 21 Mega Hits In The Mix
  • 1999 Music Is The Key (Love Parade '99)
  • 2000 Remix VI: DJ Dero In The Mix
  • 2001 Remix VII: 30 Mega Hits In The Mix
  • 2002 Live in Ibiza


  • 1997 The Horn (El Tren)
  • 2001 Batucada (Remix 2000)
  • 2001 Tuk Tak
  • 2002 Videografía
  • 2004 Mariacaipirinha (Carlinhos Brown & DJ Dero)


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