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DJ Disciple
Birth name David Leander Banks
Also known as DJ Disciple, The Banji Boyz, Boriqua Bandits, Street Preacherz, Brooklyn Soul Boys, Innervisions
Born September 2, 1965
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Genres House, Gospel, EDM, Tribal House, Tech House, Soulful House
Occupation(s) DJ, music producer
Years active 1987-present
Labels Catch 22 Records, House Trained, Vendetta, Blanco Y Negro, Nets Work International

DJ Disciple (David Banks)[1] is an American DJ and house music producer from Brooklyn, New York City, New York.[2]

In 1994, his track, "On the Dancefloor", peaked at #67 in the UK Singles Chart. In 2002, he hit number one on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart with "Caught Up". The track was featured in the Showtime television series Queer as Folk. 2006, his single, "Work It Out" featuring Dawn Tallman, released under his Catch 22 Recordings label.

"Work It Out" was re-released on House Trained Records in the UK, and after appearing on MTV,[3] was play-listed on BBC Radio 1. In 2008, "Changes" was released, a collaboration with David Tort and DJ Ruff. "Changes" stayed on the Beatport digital top three downloads for two months. In 2010 DJ Disciple collaborated with top Spanish Producer Javi Mula on Sexy Lady. "Sexy Lady" video received The Best 'Dance ClipVideo' in Spain.[4] In December 2011 DJ Disciple collaborated with Jan & Solo on "U Know My Steez".[5] The song became a successful product tool to promote the Pioneer Corporation product 'Steez'. In Feb 2012 Disciple collaborated with Albert Neve on "Romper Room"[6] featuring Dru Hepkins. The track was immediately picked up by Joachim Garraud for a remix[7] and was supported heavily by Chuckie.[8]

Early career[edit]

He was born to William and Julia Banks. DJ Disciple (David Banks) is the youngest of four brothers. Sherman, Stanley, Larry and Leighton. His brother Stanley Banks[9] is the bass player for George Benson. His other brother Larry Banks plays at The Church Of The Open Door in Brooklyn.

David Banks graduated from Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School in 1984. He attended Baruch College and was introduced to House music from his friend Jerome Anderson and Ralph Davis.

After a brief internship, he worked at WNYE (FM)[10] as a radio host and mixer in 1987. Originally a Gospel DJ, he named and kept the name DJ Disciple as a reminder that 'only what you do for Christ shall last'.

WNYE 91.5 FM[edit]

Disciple quickly earned a dedicated following from his on-air work at college stations WBMB and WHCS and his first professional DJ gig took place at the legendary Studio 54. In the 90’s, Disciple found himself hosting “The Best Kept Secret”, a mix show on WNYE (FM), where he exclusively debuted a litany of now-classic underground tracks. His show was instrumental in exposing new dance artists to mainstream radio. Artists included Roger Sanchez, Kerri Chandler, Pal Joey,Todd Edwards,[11] 95 North, and Smack Productions. 'The Best Kept Secret' was the first show to expose female DJ's playing dance music on the radio and one of the very few shows where you could hear unreleased material from future artists not available for months. Finding success in the college circuit, and his own 'Best Kept Secret' show on the radio, Disciple became a great fit for the nightclub scene. It was DJ Camacho who gave him his first introduction to New York Underground House Music. His first trial was playing at The World with Bobby Konders back in 1989. After his performance he was made resident DJ from the outfit Wild Pitch.[12] From there he was interviewed by Richard Vasquez and Joey Illinois at David Mancuso's space The Loft. He landed a bi-weekly residency with Larry Levan and then DJ Basil at the venue with the party then called The Choice in Lower Manhattan.

The early 1990s[edit]

In 1990 Disciple worked at New Jersey's Club 280 as their Friday night resident. The venue was near Zanzibar[13] home of Dj Tony Humphries. Club 280 had the reputation of bringing the New York Sound to New Jersey. As the night grew popular Disciple was then asked to play at Zanzibar since Tony had left. Being instrumental in breaking Aly-Us 'Follow Me' both on radio and in New Jersey, Disciple took on his next task to play Zanzibar. It was a task met with failure and a lesson learned.

'The Best Kept Secret' (91.5 FM) was so popular that Disciple later on was asked to be a regular mixer for Japan's Bay FM radio show and his recordings of the show were being sold in London's Camden Market.

In 1992 it was Roger Sanchez who introduced Disciple to traveling by connecting him to be booked in San Francisco. Simultaneously he was introduced by David Camacho to John Paul Firman. John Firman, interested in representing Disciple for the UK set him up to play Lakota in Bristol and a year later Ministry of Sound. In both cases Disciple's reputation grew. Disciple debuted at Ministry of Sound playing in the smaller room for Bert Bevans birthday party in 1993. It was there that Disciple broke 'Show Me Love' by Robin S. to the London audience. From that moment on Ministry Of Sound had Disciple play the main room of its venue from 1993 - 2001 at least twice a year.

In 1993 Disciple debuted his first single on Muzik Pushers. Home to Bobby Davis S.U.R.E record pool. 'When The Music Stop' one of the singles from the EP became a club hit in Italy. Record label D:vision Records snapped it up giving Disciple even more exposure. Disciple then made his debut in at Angels Of Love in Naples, Italy the same year. Knowing he was on to something Disciple continued to produce but worked with Eddie Perez in 1994. Disciple produced The Street Experience EP and the single from it 'On The Dancefloor' hit the UK singles charts at #67.

That year Disciple played fifty dates in the UK alone. Venues included Cream (Liverpool), Ministry of Sound, (London) (two times), Hard Times (Leeds) (two times), Lakota, (Bristol) (two times), Garage City, London (three times), Notting Hill Carnival, The Middlesbrough Empire, The Zap (Brighton) and others. From 1995-1997 Disciple played at Southport Weekender[14] and Owner Alex Lowe had Disciple play To The Manor Born three times a year from 1994 until 2004. Keith 'KCC' Franklin[15] had Disciple debut at his KCC and the Rocking Crew Notting Hill Carnival event. Disciple had been a regular guest playing from 1994 until 2010. Venues such as Hard Times were responsible for exposing Disciple to Northern cub culture. When Hard Times came to London it was hailed one of the biggest events of the year. The event was called Down-N-Out In London at Bagleys. Hard Times formed Hard Times The Label. One of the first releases had Disciple remixing Robert Owens and Michael Watford on the release 'Come Together'. Disciple's profile had grown so big that he made it into the top 100 DJ's for DJ Magazine in 1995, one year after the magazine did his first featured interview.

While JP Firman helped solidify Disciple's career in the UK, it was Bobby & Steve that helped propel it even further. The Zoo Experience was a radio show on Kiss FM London headed by the two brothers promoting soulful House as well as the UK's most established night, Garage City. From 1993 until its close in 2003 Disciple played at least twice a year.[16] With a reputation for getting music way before its release date, Disciple was the first to break both 'Deep Inside' and 'Beautiful People' (both singles from Barbara Tucker) on the show. It was from that point that Disciple became a regular guest mixer, spinning a one-hour mix at least three times a year. Anytime Disciple came to London The Zoo Experience always had venues waiting to have him booked. Whether it be Fabric, Turnmills or Legends, Bobby & Steve considered Disciple a part of them and pushed him as far as exposure went. Disciple would regularly travel to Canada to play with Peter, Tyrone and Shams for the 'Thundergroove Sundays' at Oz one of the first venues to bring in the big-name house DJs before places like Industry and The Guvernment existed. While living in London, Disciple worked with Grant Nelson. The two decided to do a swap. Grant Nelson engineered two tracks for Disciple's EP on Todd Terry's Freeze record label and in turn Disciple would do vocals for his debut on Swing City records. 'To The Bone' was the first single that Disciple's radio voice was actually used on a record. Todd Terry, a fan of sampling decided to release 'Latin Love' (Rip Off Mix) from the Vinyl Factory EP. The record bought Disciple a huge amount of exposure but the record had to be recalled because of the controversial sample.

The late 1990s[edit]

"Steal Away", one of the tracks off of the e.p.was used by Erick Morillo for his Ministry Of Sound Compilation and the second track "Burning" was licensed to Deconstructed records in the UK. After releasing The Fixed EP on Ultra Music and remixing for various artists like Plutonic ("Addicted"/ Bold) Disciple decided to work with internationally acclaimed artists. The first hit for the label was in 1998. 'Put Your Hands Up' by the Black & White Brothers. The record sold four million copies worldwide since its original signing."Put Your Hands Up" by the Black & White Brothers helped expose the label Catch 22 Worldwide it was licensed to Happy Music (France) (21), Edel (Germany), United (Benelux), Planet Works (Greece), Energy (Italy), Blanco Y Negro (Spain), Hotter (Argentina), and Central Station (Australia). This record was known the world over, but very few recognized that Catch 22 signed this record and the buzz originally started when Roger S. and others got their hands on the Catch 22 copy in Miami Winter Music Conference of 1998.[17]

After the overground success of the Black & White Brothers, Disciple decided to give his friend DJ Dove an opportunity or a Catch 22 Release. Inaya Day had a string of hits including Boris Dlugosh’s hit record "Keep Pushin'”, which DJ Disciple remixed. The two worked out perfectly under the guidance of Frankie Feliciano and Junior Sanchez". Slip-N-Slide Records picked the track up for the UK. 1997 saw Disciple debut in Montreal for the first time spinning with Deep Dish at Sona. His set was so impressive that the after hour club that held 3,000 people had him play twice a year from 1998 - 2004. Disciple loved the club so much that he made his EP 'Sona/Industry'a trademark of his sets for the record label Ultra Music. After remixing 'Love's Here At Last' by Judy Albanese for Maxi Records, the label commissioned Disciple to do 'House Disciple' a mix CD compilation for the company in 1998. The tour is kicked off in Miami with Disciple playing with Giles Peterson, Pete Heller, and Daft Punk at the Giant Step event.

My True Colors album[edit]

Taka Boom, sister of Chaka Khan worked with Disciple on 'Wanna Be' the first single from his Album 'My True Colors' . For the single Disciple would go to Brighton to visit Steve Mac a.k.a. Steve McGuinness and Robert Chetcuti also known as the Rhythm Masters. Disciple worked with a variety of talent, while producing the tracks at Jeremy Sylvester's studio in Birmingham.The album included a forty date tour around the country as well as support from many of the dance publications. "Yes," featuring Inaya Day, was released by Hed Kandi in 2005.[18] "It's Easy" was released on Azuli records in 2000, while "You" was remixed by Roger Sanchez (2001), and "Keep It Up" was a collaboration with Robbie Rivera. Rivera and Disciple met in 1999 during The Winter Music Conference. The duo worked on two projects besides the album track "Keep It Up". Bass & Treble (Juicy Music) appeared on Carl Cox Global CD while 'Super Drum' got picked up by Azuli Records. The two collaborated on Winter Music Conference events for two years.

Around The World In 150 Clubs Tour[edit]

In 2001 Disciple joined the website team of Trust The DJ. From 2001-2006 Disciple's journals paved the way for the concept of 'Around The World In 150 Clubs.Detailing both past and present venues and life choices and lifestyles that came with it. In his Trust The DJ Journals, Disciple is showcased in notable venues in Africa, Europe, Australia, North America, South America, Asia, and the Middle East.

Billboard and Grammy nominations[edit]

The album featured Mia Cox who performed 'Caught Up'. Disciple's single 'Caught Up' was licensed to Groovalicious. The record went number one on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart[19] and appeared on the Queer as Folk Compilation from the Showtime cable series. The record got nominated for a Grammy Award in November 2002.[20]

Collaborations and remixes[edit]

The Bass Has Got Me Movin

DJ Disciple has a number of remixes to his credit, most notably though, it was his remix of Australian producer Steven Allkins a.k.a. Love Tattoo’s seminal hit ‘The Bass Has Got Me Movin’ that earned him a ARIA Music Awards in Australia.

Ill Concepts

Nympho Soundz - A name Disciple started with one half of the Rhythm Masters, Steve Mac was a very controversial record. The track "Ill Concepts"[21] contained the same sample that was used on Felix da Housecat’s "Cry Baby" outing on UK label Credence. Bad Boy Bill, Dj Dan, John Aquaviva, DJ Irene and Richard Vission made the track a US rave anthem. It was heavily featured in their compilations. It was the official first release from Nympho Soundz and yet again it was a label that people didn’t associate Disciple with.

Notable UK collaborations

Disciple often collaborated with Michele Chiavarini. The duo formed D & M project and Brooklyn Soul Boys where the record 'Fort Greene Jazzmataz' was play-listed on 102.2 Jazz FM in London.[22] 'Boriqua Bandits' was the most successful collaboration with singer Guida De Palma on 'Midnight Expresso'.[23] After remixing Disciple's single 'It's Easy',[24] the track that heavily sampled Al Jarreau under the moniker Class A for Azuli Records, Jeremy Sylvester and Disciple formed the duo X-Factor-7.

"No One Knows"

In 2001 as Banji Boyz, Disciple was responsible for "No One Knows', a record that Danny Tenaglia to David Morales had been playing. Erick Morillo even wanted to sign the record but the samples were too hot. The B-side, "Free Florida" was also massive and got a major signing from Digidance. "Free Florida" and landed on numerous compilations and hit the charts in the Netherlands. As of 2012 Altra Moda Music re-released the record wiith DJ Dannic remixes.[25]

"Here Comes The Morning"

The track that was collaborated by Disciple and Gerald Elms featured the vocal talent of Barbara Walker. Elms had a strong outing with "Guitarra G" that was picked up by Defected Records. With the extraordinary writing skills of Helen n Bruner and Terri Jones "Here Comes The Morning" was featured in the first 4 minutes of the Hollywood smash The Score with Robert De Niro and Edward Norton.[26]

"Caught Up"

In 2002 Disciple's single was licensed to Groovalicious. The record went #1 on the billboard charts and appeared on the Queer As Folk Compilation from the Showtime series. The record got nominated for a Grammy Award in November of 2002.

"Fantasy Reality"

Disciple produced Cyn's 'Fantasy Reality', a signature tribal record that got signed to Peter Rauhofer's label *69. The record was heavily supported by Jonathan Peters.[27]

Lady Bunny "I Get High"

In 2005 Disciple collaborated with Lady Bunny[28] on the single 'I Get High'. The Wigstock founder made such a buzz of the record that Disciple tapped Hardsoul the popular Dutch duo to remix the track.[29]

"Work It Out"

In 2006, his single, "Work It Out", featuring Dawn Tallman, released under his Catch 22 Recordings label, became a hit record.[30] It was played in Ibiza in 2006, BBC Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong[31] played the record for three months, and it was signed by countless labels and compilations such as Xtravaganza (UK), Blanco Y Negro (Spain), Poole Music (France), Networks (Italy) and United (Belgium). In 2008, "Work It Out" was re-released with remixes by Klass for House Trained Records.

Playlisted on BBC's Radio One, the video release was well received for Disciple's debut on MTV.


"Changes", was a collaboration with David Tort and DJ Ruff. "Changes" stayed on the Beatport digital top three downloads for two months. It was played throughout the Winter Music Conference by DJ’s Roger Sanchez, DJ Dan, and Erick Morillo.

"Rise Up"

Disciple went back to LA where David Tort assisted him on "Rise Up" in 2008. The record went number one on the Máxima FM playlist (the Jesse Garcia mix features on the Clubbers Guide to 2008). The trio's last collaboration in 2009, 'Destination' was instantly picked up by Vendetta records. In March 2008 Disciple was nominated Beatport Best House Artist and played at the Winter Music Conference BBC Radio 1 Pool Party in Miami.

Addicted To DJ Disciple and Baggi Begovic

In 2008 Disciple worked with 1 Management for the territory of Benelux. The following year the company released 'Addicted To DJ Disciple And Baggi Begovic'. The CD had the duo tour extensively throughout the region with Disciple playing at the Sneakerz festival and ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event).

Jasmin Garden

Catch 22 continued to score big hits. In 2009 Dutch-born DJ/producer Stefan Vilijn’s big-room anthem “Jazmin Garden” was so big the label Selekted Music picked up the song, this time using Disciple's vocals. The track with that "Rump Shaker" saxophone sample was cleared but not the vocals that remixer Chris Moody inserted in the track. Mixes by Genairo Nvilla, Boris Rush and Brian Chundro and Santos were on the package.

"When I Die"

Disciple has worked with underground American music artist and songwriter, Dru Hepkins, and released tracks “When I Die”, “Red Light”, and “Romper Room”. Red Light's Prok & Fitch remix was featured as Roger Sanchez's “hot download pick” in 2009.

"Sexy Lady"

In 2010 DJ Disciple collaborated with top Spanish Producer Javi Mula on Sexy Lady. "'Sexy Lady" video received The Best 'Dance ClipVideo' in Spain.[2]

Pioneer Steez

In December 2011, when Pioneer Electronics came out with their new portable player, the “Steez,” they went to DJ Disciple to write the promotional song U Know My Steez.[5] The song became a successful tool product to promote the Pioneer Corporation product 'Steez'.

"Romper Room"

In Feb 2012 Disciple collaborated with Albert Neve on 'Romper Room' featuring Dru Hepkins. The track was immediately picked up by Joachim Garraud for a remix and was supported heavily by Chuckie.[8]

Late 2000s and the future[edit]

In 2008 Disciple had success doing his own Next Level Party events in Brooklyn, New York with a mixture of Poetry. Guests included The Martinez Brothers, Wunmi, Ursula Rucker, Last Poets Abiodun Oyewole, Oveous Maximus, Albert Daniels, Def Poets Helena D. Lewis, Black Ice, Ras Baraka and guest DJ's Rich Medina, Ruben Toro, and the local community of DJ's. Disciple filmed The Next Level Party Documentary as a seven part series made online via YouTube. Every year during Thanksgiving The Next Level Party, alongside Eric Blackwell hosts a DJs Against Hunger event that feeds the homeless. With extraordinary talent beside him, canned goods would be distributed where homeless victims would eat each year. While taking a break from traveling and producing music in 2012 Disciple still was able to make appearances at Cielo, Sullivan Rooms, Bar 13, Coney Island, Fort Greene Park Festival and maintain his residencies at Le Souk and his own party Release. Release, located at Sapphire Lounge had Disciple play with Deep house maestroes Tony Humphries, Hex Hector, John Benitez, Hector Romero, Dj Spinna, Master Kev and Duce Martinez, amongst others. When Hurricane Sandy hit last year Release held the event that was able to give goods, food and clothing to those hit hardest.[32]

In 2014, Disciple will be back in the studio working on new material for his new album 'Where Ya Been?'.

Personal life[edit]

In 2009, Disciple met Amber Daniels and her son Jacob Daniels. In 2011 Disciple married Amber and the couple had their first child, Julia Banks in August. In 2013 Dj Disciple started his new venture Legacy Video Memorial.



  • My True Colors - Catch 22 Recordings, 2000

Singles and EPs

  • Romper Room Albert Neve Feat. DJ Disciple, Dru Hepkins & Norykko - 2012
  • It's Your Night (Let The Beat Rock) D.E.M featuring DJ Disciple & Dru Hepkins - 2012[33]
  • U Know My Steez Jan & Solo, DJ Disciple - 2012 [34]
  • Jasmin Garden - Stefan Vilijn And DJ Disciple - 2011[35]
  • The Next Level E.P. Part 2 DJ Disciple - 2011[36]
  • Whole World Party DJ Disciple Featuring Dawn Tallmane - 2011[37]
  • Drop It Down DJ Disciple Feat Tyra Juliette - 2010[38]
  • Can You Handle This Emily Angel and DJ Disciple - 2010[39]
  • Big Beautiful Women (Watch Out For The Big Girls) DJ Disciple - 2009[40]
  • Sexy Lady Javi Mula Feat. DJ Disciple - Time, 2010
  • When I Die DJ Disciple & Dru Hepkins - Net's Work International, 2009
  • Destination David Tort & DJ Ruff Meets DJ Disciple - Vendetta Records, 2008
  • Changes David Tort & Ruff* Meet DJ Disciple - Vendetta Records, 2007
  • Rise Up The Remixes - Vendetta Records, 2007
  • Work It Out DJ Disciple Feat. Dawn Tallman - Xtravaganza Recordings, 2007
  • Turn It Around - Catch 22 Recordings, 2006
  • Work It Out DJ Disciple Feat. Dawn Tallman - Catch 22 Recordings, 2006
  • Deep Underground / Crossroads DJ Disciple Meets David Tort & DJ Ruff - Catch 22 Recordings, 2006
  • I Get High - Catch 22 Recordings, 2005
  • Gratuitous Sex Piece - Molacacho Records, 2004
  • The NYC Sampler Sessions - Catch 22 Recordings, 2004
  • Satisfied Catch 22 Recordings, 2003
  • Fantasy Reality Cyn - 2002
  • Caught Up - Frenetic, 2002
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  • My True Colors Sampler - Catch 22 Recordings, 2000
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  • Takin' It Back RIP* Feat DJ Disciple - In' Sync, 1998
  • The 12 Steps 2 Heaven E.P. - Narcotic Records, 1997
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  • Street Experience (Volume #1) - Muzik Pushers, 1993
  • We Can Make It - Five-O Recordings
  • Still Ghetto Rmx


  • Now You Know Me A Little More - Catch 22 Recordings, 2003

DJ Mixes

  • Addicted To DJ Disciple And Baggi Begovic - 2009 [42]
  • Various Red Lite Series 2 - 2005[43]
  • Uploaded Volume 1 - Seamless Recordings [44]
  • Trust The DJ DJ Disciple Volume 1 - 2001
  • Selections (CD, Comp, Mixed) - Northcott Productions Ltd., 2000
  • New York City 100% Dance Volume 2 International House Vibes (CD, Comp, Mixed) - Master Dance Tones (UK), 1999
  • Maxi Records Presents House Disciples - A DJ Disciple Mix (CD, Comp, Mixed) - Maxi Records, 1998
  • Freeze Club Mixer Volume 6: DJ Disciple Megamix '96 (CD, Comp, Mixed) - Freeze Records, 1996


  • Redlight DJ Disciple vs. Prok & Fitch - Floorplay Music, 2009

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