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DJ Disk
Birth nameLuis Quintanilla
Also known asPhonosycographDISK, TurntablistDISK
Born (1970-10-07) October 7, 1970 (age 51)
OriginSan Francisco, USA
GenresHip-hop, turntablism, electro
Instrument(s)Turntable, phonograph
Years active1992–present
LabelsScarecrow music, Oneyedslug Entertainment

DJ Disk is a San Francisco Bay Area turntablist of Panamanian, Colombian, and Nicaraguan descent.[1] Born Luis Quintanilla on October 7, 1970, in San Francisco, Disk began scratching and mixing vinyl at a young age.[2] In 1992 he joined his long-time friend DJ Qbert among the Rock Steady Crew DJs, later changing the group's name to the Invisibl Skratch Piklz.[2]

As a founding member of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Disk has been an enormously influential DJ and is credited with inventing the 2 Click Orbit, the echo fade technique and the 2 Click Flare Lazer Orbit techniques.[3] He was later a founding member of El Stew, which, according to Allmusic, "dealt with the more experimental side of electronic music."[4]

In addition to extensive hip hop work with the Piklz and others, Disk has collaborated with a wide variety of musicians working in other genres, including Herbie Hancock, Bill Laswell, Buckethead, Zakir Hussain, Mike Patton, Norah Jones, Flavor Flav, Rancid, Primus, and Jack DeJohnette. He has been involved in over seventy recordings, and has performed in over fifteen countries.[1] As of 2005, he teaches turntablism in San Francisco.[5] DJ Disk originated the term "turntablist", to differentiate a DJ who plays a role in a band, using the turntable as a musical instrument, from a DJ who mixes and blends vinyl. (see competing claims).[1]

Discography (partial)[edit]

  • 1997: Marsupial's Belly Flop Breaks with Xtrakd (Scarecrow)
  • 1997: Transmutation Live by Praxis
  • 1998: Ancient Termites as PhonopsychographDISK
  • 1998: Devil Dub by Ben Wa
  • 1998: The Shiggar Fraggar Show! by Invisibl Skratch Piklz (five CDs and Videos)
  • 1999: Live @ Slim's / Turbulence Chest
  • 1999: No Hesitation by El Stew
  • 1999: The 13th Scroll by Cobra Strike
  • 2000: 149 Ways to Smash Paul Simon's Face Breaks (Stray)
  • 2001: PhonopsychographDISK Vs. The Filthy Ape: Mooch Moose (Stray)
  • 2001: Warszawa by Praxis
  • 2001: Live In San Francisco At Stern Grove by Tabla Beat Science
  • 2002: Live by Charged
  • 2002: Future 2 Future - Live by Herbie Hancock (DVD)
  • 2003: Talamanam Sound Clash by Tabla Beat Science
  • 2003: The Rehearsal by El Stew
  • 2006: Zurich by Praxis
  • 2006: Tornado Urine Breaks (Toolz)

Guest appearances[edit]


  • 1996: Altered Beats - Assassin Knowledges Of The Remanipulated (Axiom)
  • 1997: Valis II - Everything Must Go (Ion)
  • 1999: Planetary Natural Love Gas Webbin' 199999 - Mixed By DJ Pica Pica Pica (Comma)
  • 2000: Tektonics (OM Records)
  • 2001: Innerhythmic Sound System (Innerhytmic)
  • 2002: Scratch (Transparent Music)


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