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John Bennett, known as DJ Freak, is an English hardcore music DJ and producer. He is credited as one of the first pioneers of the industrial hardcore/speedcore sound.

Musical career[edit]

DJ Freak has released over 50 albums to date. He was one of the early pioneers of hardcore/speedcore sound in 1992. He has been released on his own two labels, Boneheddz and Hard of Hearing, and other labels such as Killout, Epiteph and Deadly Systems. In 2011, he began releasing side project material in a different style, dark spacey minimal looped abstract techno. He releases these as free downloads, on his pages on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.[1]

Hard Of Hearing[edit]

In the early 1990s, DJ Freak founded the label Hard Of Hearing. It was geared towards subgenres of electronic music such as gabber and hardcore. Practically every release on this label was a DJ Freak release, however, other artists did make appearances on these albums. His most recognised and seminal work was released on Killout. The Hard Of Hearing label ended in 1998.

In 2009, DJ Freak released an album called Hard Of Hearing Reloaded.


Year Release
AKA Noise Emission EP 1994
Abduction EP 1995
EP Vol. 1 1995
EP Vol. 2 1995
EP Vol. 3 1995
EP Vol. 4 1995
Heavy Metal Poisoning Pt.1 1995
Heavy Metal Poisoning Pt.2 1995
Industrial Trauma 1995
Behold The Dreamer 1996
EP Vol. 6 1996
Dead On Arrival 1996
Natural Born Killa 1996
Wenn Wir Hart Bleiben, Ueberleben Wir... 1996
Alien Raves, Drug Crazed Rioters And Man Eating Machines E.P. 1997
Untitled (vs Skullblower) 1997
DJ Misfoster Od Groedpistolen EP (vs Noize Creator) 1997
The Anti Nazi Pack (vs Noize Creator) 1997
Untitled (vs Smarti) 1998
Le Freak Est Mort?? 1998
Extreme Hardcore Shit (vs Extrement) 1998
Untitled (vs Senical) 1998
Untitled (vs Senical) 1998
Unknown Territories 1999
Fuck Denny Lee 1999
Hicks Rools Man 1999
Analogue Terror 2000
Hard Funk EP 2000
Untitled 2000
The Rapture EP 2001
Lost Worlds EP 2004
Killout Revisited 2005
World Collapse EP 2008
Rot In Hell E.P. 2009
High Supply E.P. 2010
Nuclear Fission EP 2010
The Beauty Of Harmony Aka Dark Room Distorzion 2011
The Archion Intrusion EP 2011
Welcome To The Future EP 2011
Programmed To Destruct Ep (vs 5th Raider) 2011
Control The Infinite EP 2011
Big Time E.P. 2011


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