DJ Graffiti

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DJ Graffiti
Birth name Martin Smith [1]
Also known as DJ Graffiti
Origin Detroit, Michigan, USA[2]
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) DJ, and producer
Labels Art Associates
Website [5]

DJ Graffiti,[3] is a Michigan based DJ, Producer and manager.[1] He is also the founder of Overflow, a digital marketing company.

He is a graduate of the University of Michigan's Ross Business School and Michigan Law School.[4] He began DJing his freshman year of college,[4] releasing Mix Tapes of underground hip-hop soon after featuring tracks by artists such as Jurassic 5, J Live, Athletic Mic League, People Under The Stairs and Mr. Lif. Graffiti does produce original tracks as well, including “Underground Raw,” which features the Eminem protégé Obie Trice.[1] Since then DJ Graffiti has been called "the underground mix tape king of Michigan," partially due to a nomination he received at the Detroit Rap Awards.[3]

DJ Graffiti received the title "Best DJ" in 2010 by Real Detroit Weekly which called him "our town’s premier DJ".[5] The magazine The Promoter deemed DJ Graffiti "an icon in Michigan's underground hip-hop community."[citation needed] He is also featured in the 2003 edition of the book The All Music Guide to Hip Hop.[citation needed]


  • Hipsters Need Soul Too CD 2009 [6]
  • Soul Beautiful CD 2009 [7]
  • Bling Free Vol.3: It's Official! CD 2004.[7]
  • Bling Free Vol. 2: Wake Up! CD 2002 [8]


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