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DJ Heavygrinder
DJ Heavygrinder at FSC 2008.jpeg
DJ Heavygrinder at the 2008 Florida Supercon.
Background information
Birth nameBobbie Merveille
Also known asDJ Heavygrinder, Bobbie HG Mervelle, Marie Vaunt
Born1983 (age 38–39)
Seattle, Washington, United States
OriginLos Angeles, California
Occupation(s)Disc jockey
Instrument(s)Turntable, Sampler, Mixer
Years active2000–present
LabelsBugEyed Records

Bobbie Merveille[1] (born 1983) better known by her stage name DJ Heavygrinder, Marie Vaunt is an American disc jockey.[2]


Heavygrinder, Marie Vaunt was born in Seattle, Washington to a French-American father and a Japanese mother.[3][4][5] She was raised in Japan's Kanagawa Prefecture, where she lived until the age of 14. While in her teens, her parents decided that she would receive education in America.[6] She soon got involved in the art of DJing after returning to the US.[7][8][9][10] In regards to this period, DJ Heavygrinder stated:

The school we both attended was a 40-minute walking distance from my house. Pretty far if you ask me. We had to be seated by 8:30 every morning. We had 5 or 6 subjects a day and attended school Monday to Friday, and every second Saturday. My favorite classes were History, Music, and Art. Me and my friends use to go to Karaoke or Arcades after school from time to time. There are quite a few memories that stand out but my favorite one of them all was wearing a school uniform everyday!! I found that to be very neat. I lived with my mother and I was a latch-key child. I was attending an acting school at the time and had landed a few modeling/acting gigs. I was 14. We moved back so I could get an American education. I didn't like it at all. I loved the life and friends in Japan. I've always viewed myself as "a global citizen." I was soft spoken and shy. Had some piercings and wore Metal T-shirts and always liked to sit in the back of the classroom.[11]

The genres of music she plays are house, electronica, indie, and trance.[12] Her musical mentors and strongest influences include Cannibal Corpse, Pantera, Deicide, Justice, Gackt, Larc En Ciel, The Prodigy, Jamiroquai, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Daft Punk.[13][14]

Although she worked as an actress during her years in Japan, she has very little or no interest in acting. In several interviews, she has stated:

When I lived in Japan, I was enrolled in acting classes. I had a few small parts in some Japanese soap operas. I also did some fashion modelling. There are not too many Asian girls that are 5' 8", so I had some cool opportunities. I wasn't too comfortable with acting. While the acting classes were supposed to make me more outgoing, I think it had a reverse effect. Now, I'm more self-conscious than ever and I'm really shy. But it's a totally different story when I'm spinning. I guess I have an alter ego or something. I'm alive, I interact with the crowd and I'm just driven by the beat.[15]

DJ Heavygrinder also performed at AnimeMatsuri in Houston,TX in March 2011, as well as March 2014.



  • Eternity (2008)


  • Setsuna (2016)
  • Shadow Chaser (2013)


  • Sway (2012)
  • Lovesick Hypocrite (2013)
  • Disguise (2013)
  • Superstar (2013)
  • The Riot (2013)
  • Warning Destruction (2014)
  • Black Is A Color (2014)
  • Save You (2014)
  • Break Free (2016)

Collaborations & remixes[edit]

Year Song Album Album artist
2014 "1Up"
Level Up (EP) FUTR3
2016 "BAD BOY"
Violet Cry GARNiDELiA
2017 "Twizted"
Twizted (Remixes) DJ BL3ND
2018 "Poppin'Trip"
2020 "Leviathan"
Leviathan (Single) Esprit D'Air
2022 "Leviathan"
Oceans Esprit D'Air

Personal life[edit]

DJ Heavygrinder, Marie Vaunt currently resides in Los Angeles, California and is married to fellow producer and DJ, Katfyr.[citation needed]


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