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DJ Sharpnel
GenresSpeedcore, gabber, happy hardcore, mákina, trance, j-core, rave
Years active1996–present
LabelsSharpnelsound (Indie)
Associated actsProject Gabbangelion, High Speed Music Team Sharpnel,, Killingscum

DJ Sharpnel is the collective alias for Japanese electronic artists Jea and Lemmy. Via their dōjin label Sharpnelsound, they release albums consisting of their own speedcore, gabber, happy hardcore and trance works as well as guest tracks from acquaintances of the group, such as DJ Chucky, m1dy, and M-Project.

History and style[edit]

The beginnings of DJ Sharpnel came in 1996 when Jea joined up with Project Gabbangelion and later released the album "sharpnel vs Project Gabbangelion" in 1998. DJ Sharpnel's active contribution to the Japanese underground hardcore techno scene has helped form a new genre of music known as J-Core. Although DJ Sharpnel never describes Lemmy as a DJ or producer, she has created several songs, such as those listed on SRPC-0004. The style of DJ Sharpnel’s music differs from that of other hardcore artists. Its aggressive overtones are often brightened up with sped-up Japanese popular music or spoken voice samples from various anime. These are also often fused with more Western influences, such as lyrics from American hip hop music and cartoons.

Much of the sales of Sharpnel Sound records, as well as management of the hardrave online radio station and promotion of Sharpnelsound events, is done through Guhroovy, a primarily-hardcore record store located in Shibuya and operated by Akira Uchibori (Guhroovy). Aside from their prolific discography on the Sharpnelsound label, DJ Sharpnel has also provided tracks for other Japanese labels such as Maddest Chickn’dom, Ravin Beatz Japan, and Gabba Disco.[1]


DJ Sharpnel has used various artist names throughout their releases, depending on the specific style of the track or album. The main aliases are "DJ Sharpnel" (standard hardcore and happy hardcore style, with Lemmy) and "Killingscum" (terrorcore, speedcore, and breakcore style, with just Jea). is the name for the collaborative "performance project" of the Sharpnelsound label, with Jea as live DJ and Lemmy as live VJ. Although, according to their MySpace page, DJ Sharpnel is the name on the produced albums, Killingscum is occasionally credited to tracks, separating Jea from Lemmy. In addition to Killingscum, Jea also uses "DJ Jea" as a solo alias when he performs hardstyle music and tracks related to the SPRH series.

Other group aliases have been used when Jea and Lemmy collaborated with other artists prior to the creation of the DJ Sharpnel name, such as Project Gabbangelion (which included Jea, Viscion, and Tangion) and High Speed Music Team Sharpnel (which included Jea, La-Quebrata, Jun-Q, Quebradora, and Lemmy). Still other albums are credited to "DJ Sharpnel & V.A" indicating that various other artists produced tracks on the album.

The name "DJ Sharpnel" is commonly used to refer to any combination of musicians led by Jea (with or without Lemmy), even those prior to 2000 and those on albums not associated with the Sharpnelsound label.

Western Influence[edit]

Due to DJ Sharpnel's extended time and dedication to the J-Core music scene (as well as the increased popularity of anime in the West), Western recognition of Japanese hardcore has increased. Many up-and-coming new artists have acknowledged DJ Sharpnel's influence, including DJ Zaiaku,[2] T2Kazuya,[3] Spy47[4] and Shingo DJ.[5]


DJ Sharpnel's discography is very large, tallying to over 53 albums in which the duo has contributed to (most likely not together at all times) and at least 10 albums in which they are the primary or sole contributor.[6] Below is the primary discography associated with the Sharpnelsound label, with DJ Sharpnel as the primary artist (albeit with varying aliases used throughout). For most albums in the SRPC series, there are two versions. First, a CDr version released at Comiket, then later a pressed CD version to be sold at shops. The CDr versions are produced in smaller quantities and are therefore rarer, and usually have a track list differing somewhat from the final pressed version.

Official Sharpnelsound SRPC Series
Number Title Date Notes
SRPC-0001 Sharpnel vs Project Gabbangelion 1998-08-16
SRPC-0002 ダブル ダッチ (Double Dutch) 1998-10-?? Limited released due to loss of original files.
SRPC-0003 フロム・ザ・はあと 地獄編 ( From The Heart Compilation) 1998-12-??
SRPC-0004 アタック ザ シャープネル (Attack The Sharpnel) 1999-08-?? Two-CD album.
SRPC-0005 レイヴ☆スペクター (Rave☆Specter) 1999-12-31
SRPC-0006 Endless Summer 2000-08-13
SRPC-0007 Genesis:0 2000-12-30 Under "Neon Genesis Gabbangelion" alias.
SRPC-0008 S.E.X. -Sound of EXtreme- 2001-08-12 First album under "DJ Sharpnel" alias. Once DJ Sharpnel alias came about, Lemmy started producing less and it was just Jea from here on out.
SRPC-0009 p2p. ピアッツーピアッ! (P2P Peer-To-Peer!) 2001-12-30
SRPC-0010 X-Rated -クロスレートっ!- ( X-Rated -Cross Rate!-) 2002-08-11
SRPC-0011 Early Style of Otakuspeedvibe 1996–1998 2002-10-?? All songs on this album were originally released in 1996.
SRPC-0012 PPPH – Phat, Pinky, Powerful&Hard!! 2002-12-30
SRPC-0013 Anime Gabba it! 2003-08-17
SRPC-0014 No Style? No Policy!? 2003-12-12 Under Jea's "Killingscum" alias.
SRPC-0015 Sharpnelsound Collection -One- 2004-05-?? Collection of earlier tracks.
SRPC-0016 悩殺! ハードブレイク (Bewitching! Hardbreak)[7] 2004-08-15
SRPC-0017 UG☆Psyclone 2004-12-30
SRPC-0018 Yonderdome 2005-08-14 Mix CD of tracks from the first 7 albums
SRPC-0019 Mad Breaks 2005-08-14
SRPC-0020 Brain Violation.感脳侵食 2006-08-13
SRPC-0021 オタクオーバークロックス21 (Otaku Overclocks)[7] 2006-12-31
SRPC-0022 ランニング★オールナイトッ!! (Running All Night)[7] 2007-12-31
SRPC-0023 二次元サティスファクション (2 Dimensional Satisfaction)[7] 2008-08-16
SRPC-0024 妄殺オタクティクス (Delusion O-Tactics)[7] 2009-08-15
SRPC-0025 Sharpnelsound Collection Vol. 2 2009-12-30 Second collection of previously released Sharpnelsound songs.
SRPC-0026 Cyclick 2010-08-14
SRPC-0027 危ないベースライン (Bassline Crisis) 2011-08-13
SRPC-0028 Yonderdome Decade -10 Years Of DJ Sharpnel 2011-12-31 50 tracks of various Sharpnelsound releases from SRPC0008-SRPC027
SRPC-0029 Welcome To The Ottack Universe 2012-08-11
SRPC-0030 Otakuspeedvibe 2013-08-12 Final album released under the SRPC main series.
SRPC-C001 What A Happy Life & Death! 2002 First album released under DJ Sharpnel's Cotton Pantie's alias.
SRPC-C002 My Sweet Honey Biscuit! 2002 Second album released under DJ Sharpnel's Cotton Pantie's alias.
SRPC-H001 Life Is Game 2003-05-05 First album in the DJ Jea Hardrave series.
SRPC-H003 Harddrive 150 BPM - Life Is Game Volume 2.0 2005-25-01
SRPC-L001 Allright, Biaaatch !!! - A Street-Trash Megamix of Hardcore Classics 2002 DJ Megamix by The Speed Freak
SRPC-L002 Shockwave Greatest Hits Megamix 1994-2002 2002 DJ Megamix by The Speed Freak from tracks 1.1 to 1.16
SRPC-L003 Noisecore Vol. 01 - A Radical Hardcore Mix 2002 This mix is a vinyl-mix done by The Speed Freak for Street-Trash Alliance.

Recorded and mixed @ V_Biosfear 3. [from official website]

Delivered in plastic sleeve.[8]

SRPC-L004 Gabberdisco Megamix 2002 This time it's not about being the hardest - it's about having fun !!! [on cover]

This mix is a digital mix done by The Speed Freak for Street-Trash Alliance. Recorded and mixed @ V_Biosfear 3. [from official website]

Delivered in plastic sleeve.[9]

SRPC-L005 Speedcore Dandy 2002
SRPC-L006 Demons To Some, Angels To Others - Hardcore-Mix 11-2007 2007-31-12
SRPC-L007 Break It Oldschool - 100% Classic Breakbeats 2007-31-12
SRPC-M001 Hardstyle 4Da Firsttime 2002 Total duration of the mix on disc 1 is 76:17.

The 2nd disc contains a video file in .MPEG format.[10]

SRPC-M002 Now Or Never 2002 Spelling errors on the release:

01. Bassalert - Dewegwijer 02. The Viper - X-Teminate 06. The Macochist - No Newstyle 07. DJ Promo - Harrucaine Brain 08. Neophte &Stuneed Guys - There Is No Other 10. Bodylotion - Neighborhood Crime 11. Nightraver - We Are Rotterdam (Evilactivities Rmx) 12. Evilactivities - X-Tinction 13. Neophte &Stuneed Guys - Nation Of Domination

The Alienator and MC Ruffian are uncredited on this mix for the track G-Core, instead the info is taken from other releases.[11]

SRPC-M003 Hardstyle Tokyo Night Cruisin' 2003
SRPM-004 J-Core Revolution No artist names are included on the release, names have been gathered from earlier releases containing the same songs.[12]
SRPE-0001 Erectortion-01 - キモチイイコト 2009
SRPE-0002 Erectortion-02 - 誘惑催眠ガール 2011-30-10
SRPK-0001 No Style? No Policy!? 2003-12-12 Comes with a pink transparent info-sheet.[13]
SRPK-0002 暴走歌謡大全集 2004
SRPK-0003 爆萌電波注意報! 2009-30-12
SRPD-0001 Invisible Trigger 2013-31-12 Track 18 is incorrectly tagged as Speed Disco Vol.1 on the album's track list.

Track 20 is incorrectly tagged as Yanyan Speeddisco Vol.3 on the album's track list.[14]

SRPX-0001 Ver1.0 2013-31-12 Free CDr that comes with Invisible Trigger [15]

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