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Background information
Birth namePascal Boniani Koeu
Born (1979-03-26) March 26, 1979 (age 39)
Épinay-sur-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, France
GenresHip hop, pop, R&B, pop rock, world music
Occupation(s)Record producer, composer, songwriter, record executive
InstrumentsKeyboard, sampler, drums, guitar
Years active1996–present
Associated actsKore & Skalp

Pascal Boniani Koeu better known by his stage name Skalpovich , is a French record producer, composer, songwriter and record executive. Between 2001 and 2006, he was part of duo Kore & Skalp with DJ and producer Kore before continuing solo.


Beginning / Kore & Skalp[edit]

Born in Épinay-sur-Seine (Paris suburb), Skalpovich began his music career as a DJ, producing several mixtapes under the name of "DJ Skalp" in the late 1990s. In 2001, he produced his first solo tracks named Les Chipies for the only album of the R&B girlgroup Honneur Ô Dames.[1] Focusing on composition and production, he created the first French hip hop hitmaker team Kore & Skalp with DJ Kore. Having a major influence after producing successful projects like the soundtrack of the French blockbuster Taxi 3 (EuropaCorp production) and Raï'n'B Fever, they became leaders of the French urban scene. After Kore & Skalp separated in 2006.

Solo career[edit]

After separation, Skalpovich chose to develop his solo career, and took the time to form a new team and to participate to new projects. He entirely produced NBA player Tony Parker's first album titled TP (released in March 2007). Despite moderate success of the album itself, the single "Balance-toi" taken from the album reached number 1 in French charts. After this collaboration that left him with the "Skalpovich" nickname (given by Tony Parker in reference to the San Antonio Spurs coach, Gregg Popovich), he decided to work on a new dynamic by collaborating with lesser-known artists and created a brand new team.

Recognized as a hitmaker and seeing his work played very regularly on major French, European and African radio stations, Skalpovich participated to major artists albums by producing promo singles for almost every project he works on.

His musical style took a new direction while producing most of Vitaa's album, Celle que je vois, especially the very noticed intro "inVitaation". This project was also the occasion for Skalpovich to introduce a new voice, Indila, that he presented during Vitaa's Planète Rap (first hip hop radio show in France) promo as an artist that he and his team developed.


Influenced by DJing, Skalpovich music is a mix of club, oriental and urban which first created the Raï'n'B that is today an established musical style in France and North Africa. His orchestration skills improving year after year, new sonorities are influencing his musical style evolution. From Disco/funk and then Dirty South, he is today a recognized pop producer. His productions, often tented by oriental or "afro-world" references, improve and evolve around a more classical and world music style.

Personal life[edit]

Pascal "Skalpovich" Koeu is married to the singer Adila Sedraïa known as Indila.


Promo Singles[edit]

With Kore & Skalp From 2001 to 2006
Year Title Singers Chart
2001 T.D.S.I. Rohff #38
2002 5 9 1 Rohff feat. Assia 15 Silver
Le bon choix (Remix) Leslie feat. Eloquence 11
2003 Ronde de Nuit Gomez et Dubois feat. Amine 10
Qu'est-ce tu fous cette nuit' Humphrey feat. Busta Flex 31
Match Nul Kayliah feat. Eloquence 22
Pardonner (Remix) Leslie 18
2004 L'orphelin Willy Denzey 5 Silver
Cette Lettre Willy Denzey 15
Sobri Leslie feat. Amine 2
Un gaou à Oran Magic System feat. 113 8 Silver
Just Married Relic 30
Showbiz M. Pokora 10 Silver
2005 Elle me contrôle M. Pokora 6 Silver
Vivons Pour demain Leslie 23
Bouger Bouger Magic System feat. Mokobé 7
Protège toi Collectif Protection rapprochée 24
Ma vie Amine 15
Pas Sans toi M. Pokora 4
J'voulais Amine 1
2006 My Girl Amine 29
Solo Career since 2006
Year Title Singers Charts Certification
2001 Les Chipies Honneur Ô Dames
2006 Top of the Game Tony Parker feat. Fabolous & Booba
2007 Balance-toi Tony Parker 1
Premier Love Tony Parker feat. Rickwel 11
L'effet Papillon Tony Parker feat. Jamie Foxx
2008 Ferme les yeux Soprano feat. Blacko 16
Clandestino Rim'K feat. Mohamed Lamine & Sheryne 25
Afrikan Tonik Mokobé feat Mohamed Lamine, Mory Kanté & DJ Arafat
2009 Pardonne-moi Rickwel
Danse pour moi Rickwel
Je suis libre APl feat. JMI Sissoko
Les Cités d'or Psy 4 de la Rime
C'est pas Compliqué Awilo Logomba feat. Awa Imani
Célébration 113 feat. Awa Imani & Jamel Debbouze
2010 Pour que tu restes Vitaa feat. Jeremih
Viser la victoire Admiral T feat. La Fouine & Médine
Criminel TLF feat. Indila
Darwa Soprano
Poussière d'empire Nessbeal feat. Indila
Marseilles By Night Algerino feat. Nassi
Hiro Soprano feat. Indila 26 Silver
Chateau de Sable Soprano feat. Awa Imani
2011 D'où l'on vient La Fouine 53
Chérie Coco Magic System feat. Soprano 2 Gold
Thug Wedding Rohff feat. Indila
Lala Fatéma OGB feat. Mohamed Lamine
Oulala Mokobé feat. DJ Arafat
2012 Ma reine Axel Tony feat. Admiral T
Avec toi Axel Tony
Histoires vraies Youssoupha feat. Corneilles 10
Dreamin' Youssoupha feat. Indila 2
Diguirindi Mokobé feat. Moussier Tombola


Before 2001
Year Singers Album Track Certification
Before 2001 93200 Saint-Denis Représente 93200 Saint-Denis Représente Track 05: triste existence
Track 06: j'deviens ouf
Track 10: Montana-skalp connexion
Track 11: j'ai un but à atteindre
Track 12: jusqu'ici tout va bien
Le sixième Element Le Sixième Element Track 02: 6e élément
Track 04: incendi
Track 07: freestyle partie 1
Track 10: toxico
Track 12: oméga élément
Track 14: freestyle partie 2
K special Cause à effet Track 13: tape pas ton vice
Track 15: j'deviens ouf
Koma Ou j'veux quand j'veux Track 02: le réveil
K-reen Dimension Track 10: tout ce qu'on veut
Track 12: permission de sortir
Costello Costello Track 01: faut que j'répète
Track 02: le morceau "c"
Track 03: la bonne connexion
Track 04: faut que j'répète (instru)
With Kore & Skalp from 2001 to 2006
Année Artistes Album Track Certification
2001 Rohff La vie avant la mort Track 03: TDSI (Single)
Track 12: 5,9,1(Single)
Track 16: Outro
2002 Scred Connexion Du mal à s'confier Track 02: Trop saoulé
Track 06: On pense tous monnaie
Leslie Je suis et je resterai Track 04: Pardonner (remix) (Single)
Track 06: Le bon choix (remix) (Single)
Don Choa Vapeurs toxiques Track 07: Doucement
Track 13: Sale sud
2003 Gomez & Dubois Flics et hors la loi Track 12: Ronde de nuit (Single)
Track 13: Chez djamel
Taxi 3 Taxi 3 Bande Originale Track 01: Making of
Track 02: Qu'est c'tu fout cette nuit? (Single)
Track 03: Match nul (Single)
Track 04: Les rues de ma ville
Track 05: Plus vite que jamais
Track 10: Tarif c
Track 11:L'allumage
Track 13: Profite
Track 14: Laissez nous vivre
Track 15: P'tite sœur
Dadoo France history X Track 21: Making of
Corneille Parce qu'on vient de loin Track 15: Laissez-nous vivre Platinum
Willy Denzey #1 Track 03: Life
Track 05: Cette lettre (Single)
Track 06: L'orphelin (Single)
Talents Fachés Talents Fachés Track 01: Intro
Track 13: Made you look
Track 16: A quand mon heure
Track 29: Tu t'reconnais
2004 Booba Panthéon Track 02: Le mal par le mal
Track 03: Commis d'office
Track 08: La faucheuse
Track 12: Bâtiment c
Kery James Savoir et vivre ensemble Track 04: Malgré les épreuves (disc 2)
Kore & Skalp Raï'n b fever Track 01: Bonjour la France
Track 02: Un gaou à oran (Single)
Track 03: Sobri (Single)
Track 04: Mon bled
Track 05: Le génie
Track 06: Retour aux sources
Track 07: Rai'n'b fever
Track 08: Reggae rai fever
Track 09: J'suis pas d'ici
Track 10: Just married (Single)
Track 11: N tya
Track 12: Madame madame
Track 13: Yeppa mama
Track 14: Ma leila
Track 15: L'orphelin (Single)
Track 16: rimitti ridim
Track 17: Chabani nonda
Relic Légendes urbaines Track 02: Légendes urbaines
Track 09: Just married (Single)
Leslie Mes Couleurs Track 01: Intro
Track 02: Sobri (notre destin) (Single)
Track 04: Nos colères
Track 06:Le temps qui passe
Track 08: Tout ces gens
Track 10: Sans toi
Track 11: Dice-dice
Track 12: J'accuse
Bonus: Vivons pour demain (Single)
M. Pokora Matt Pokora Track 02: Showbiz (Single)
Track 03: Elle me contrôle (Single)
Track 04: Pas sans toi (Single)
Track 08: Tourne pas le dos
Street Lourd Hall Stars Track 12: Pour les halls
Track 16: Tu peux pas
Corneille Live 2004 Track 04: Laissez nous vivre Platinum
2005 Magic System Cessa kié la vérité Track 02: Bouger bouger
Track 13: Un gaou à Oran
Track 14: Bouger bouger (remix) (Single)
Protection Rapprochée Protège-toi Track 01: Protège-toi (Single)
Track 02: Protège-toi (clip version)
Amine Au delà des rêves Track 01: Intro
Track 02: Ma vie (Single)
Track 03: J'voulais (Single)
Track 04: My girl (Single)
Track 05: Finiki
Track 06: Si j'avais su que…
Track 07: Femmes
Track 08: Sixième sens
Track 09: Win
Track 10: Had lila
Track 11: Kindir
Track 12: Le chemin
Track13: Sobri (club mix) (Single)
Track 14: Just married (Single)
Track 15: Ronde de nuit (Single)
Solo career since 2006
Year Singers Album Track Certification
2007 Soprano Puisqu'il faut vivre Track 15: ferme les yeux et imagine toi (Single) Platinum
Tony Parker TP or Tony Parker Track 01: Intro
Track 02: Balance-toi (Single)
Track 03: On dit quoi
Track 04: Premier love (Single)
Track 05: La famille
Track 06: Bienvenue dans le Texas (Single)
Track 07: Les clefs de la réussite
Track 08: L'effet papillon (Single)
Track 10: Génération motivée
Track 11: Gametime
Don Choa Jungle de béton Track 07: Voiture bélier
Track 14: Demain j't'appelle
Rim'K Famille nombreuse Track 07: Clandestino (Single) Gold
2008 Psy4 De La Rime Les cités d'or' Track 02: Les Cités d'Or (Single) Gold
2009 AP Discret Track 07: Je suis libre (Single)
Rim'k Maghreb United Track 02: Celebration (Single)
track 09: Pour elles
track 17: Celebration remix
Vitaa Celle que je vois Track 01: Invitaation
Track 02: Pour que tu reste (Single)
Track 09: Voir le monde d'en haut
Track 11: Je m'attends au pire
Track 12: Mes actes manqués
2010 Admiral T Instinct Admiral Track 03: Viser la victoire (Single)
Nessbeal NE2S Track 14: Poussière d'empire (Single)
Soprano La colombe Track 03: Darwa (Single)
Track 05: Hiro (Single)
Track 07: Chateau de sable (Single)
Track 11: Je serais là
2 × Platinum
L'Algérino Effet Miroir Track 07: Marseille by Night (Single)
Track 08: Generation No Limit
113 Universel Track 09: On va décoller
Track 12: Bledi
Track 13: A l'ancienne
2011 Magic System Touté Kalé Track 04: Chérie Coco (feat. Soprano)(Single)
Track 10: La danse des magiciens
Track 10: Children of Africa
Mokobé Africa Forever Track 02: Oulala (feat. DJ Arafat)(Single)
L'Algérino C'est Correct Track 06: Rue de la Vie (Single)
Track 08: Bayna
Track 09: Quoi de 9
Track 10: Classi (feat Kader Japonais) (Single)
2012 Youssoupha Noir D**** Track 05: Histoires Vraies (feat Corneille) (Single)
Track 13: Dreamin' (feat Indila)


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