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DJ Tomekk
DJ Tomekk.jpg
DJ Tomekk in 2007
Background information
Birth nameTomasz Kuklicz
Born (1975-10-11) October 11, 1975 (age 43)
Kraków, Poland
Occupation(s)producer, DJ
Years active1999–present (solo)

Tomasz Kuklicz a.k.a. DJ Tomekk (born October 11, 1975 in Kraków) is a Polish DJ and Record producer. Rappers who have featured in his songs include Ice-T, Fatman Scoop, Khia, Xzibit, Fler, Sido, Kurupt, Lil' Kim, KRS-One, Torch, Afrob, Flavor Flav and GZA.

DJ Tomekk's debut album, Return of Hip Hop, was released in 2001, and was followed by Beat of Life in 2003 and Numma Eyns (English: Number One) in 2005.

Early life[edit]

Tomekk was born in Krakow. His father was a Moroccan pianist and his mother a visual artist. At the age of ten, Kuklicz met a DJ for the first time and was inspired by his work. That same year, his father emigrated to Germany and Tomekk followed him to West Berlin, where he lived in Wedding and attended the Diesterweg High School. His father died five years later. Tomekk lived in the children's home "Frohsinn" in Berlin's Wedding district from the age of 15 to 18. During this time he met the rapper Sido, five years his junior. Sido would later dedicate one of his songs to Tomekk. As a teenager, Tomekk got his own radio show on 98.8 KISS FM Berlin called "Boogie Down Berlin". At 17, he made his first recording contract with Stuff Records, and in 1991 released the single "OC featuring MC Mis One“.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

1992 - 2002[edit]

In 1993, DJ Tomekk invited Kurtis Blow to Kiss FM Berlin. Coincidentally, Kurtis Blow needed a short-term replacement DJ and offered the position to Tomekk. After that, Tomekk toured with him for a year through the east and west coast of the US, the east coast and west coast. While he was barely known in Germany, he already appeared in the US together with Run-DMC, Public Enemy, Ice T, the Wu-Tang Clan, LL Cool J and KRS-One. After their US tour, Tomekk returned to Europe where he continued to tour with Blow.[citation needed] [8]

In November 1993, Tomekk was honored for his work by the City of Los Angeles for Peace and International Understanding.[9] In 1994, DJ Tomekk became the first non-US American to be nominated for the 1st Annual Rap Music Award.[10][11] 5. Juli 1996 that year he toured with the band Reality Brothers and acts as opening act at Reggea Summer Jam by Ziggy Marley.

From the mid-nineties DJ Tomekk produced his first compilations and mixtapes, where he frequently integrated American and German artists together in his songs. In 1998, he founded one of the first hip hop labels "Hip Hop Büro Berlin" with Ronny Boldt, a roommate of his flat-sharing community in Berlin Mitte. Here, first mixtapes were produced on a cassette copying machine.

In 1999, Tomekk produced the single "1, 2, 3 Rhymes Galore", which featured Grandmaster Flash, Flavor Flav, Afrob, Jazzy Jeff and MC Rene. The song stayed in the German Top 10 charts for several weeks, peaking at number 6 in the German charts. His second single, "Ich Lebe Für Hip Hop", featured GZA, Prodigal Sunn, Curse and the Stieber Twins, and reached number 11 in Germany. In 2000, DJ received a Comet award [de] as the best national newcomer.[12] In 2001, he released the single "Return of Hip Hop (Ooh, Ooh)", featuring KRS-One, Torch and MC Rene, and later that year, released his first album. A short time later, DJ Tomekk released his first album, also entitled "Return of Hip Hop".

In 2001 he went to the studio with Shaq O'Neal. Their music was used for the America-wide advertising campaign against drink driving.[13] That same year, he produced the single Beat of Life with Ice-T, which stayed in the German charts for 9 weeks, peaking at number 12.

From July 2001 Tomekk ran a biofarm near Berlin with guest apartments and studios. Here artists from all over the world produce and young musicians are supported. Under his label Boogie Down Berlin he was booked by many American hip hop and RNB artists as a producer. 2002, his song Kimnotyze with Lil' Kim reached number 6 in Germany.

2003 - 2013[edit]

In 2003, DJ Tomekk toured with his Boogie Down Berlin crew (DJ Noppe, Saeed, Saeed, Trooper Da Don), where he completed about 150 appearances. DJ Tomekk's production for Paul van Dyk was nominated for a Grammy award.[14]

In the following years DJ Tomekk worked together with artists such as MC Lyte, Xzibit, Sido, Fler, Noreaga, B-Tight, Montell Jordan, Truth Hurts, Horace Brown, Black Ivory and Harris on his album Numma Eyns, which was released in 2005. The single "Jump, Jump" featuring Fler, also released that year, reached number 3 on the German charts. At the end of 2006, DJ Tomekk released the mixtape The Next Generation. He produced this mixtape together with artists including Bushido.

In 2008, Tomekk featured in the third series of German reality show "Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!" but was evicted by RTL Television for making a Nazi salute and singing "Deutschland Über Alles". In response, Tomekk stated his actions were clearly a joke that was not intended to incite racism, noting among other things that his wife is African.[15]

On the occasion of their 20th stage anniversary, DJ Tomekk and Kurtis Blow jointly released the single "The Legendary Hip Hop Sway" about 20 years DJ Tomekk and MC Kurtis under the label "Boogie Down Berlin" with a video - just for fun[16] and won the Music recording certification in gold.[17]

2013 - present[edit]

DJ Tomekk renounced all drugs and began campaigning against drug use as a speaker, author and sponsor.[18]

In 2016, he released the single "Lonely" with Dante Thomas.[19]


Year Album Chart Positions
2001 Return Of Hip Hop 5 49 27
2003 Beat Of Life Vol. 1
2005 Numma Eyns 39 67 96
2006 Best of DJ Tomekk
2007 The Next Generation Mixtape
"—" denotes a record that did not chart or was not released in that territory.


Year Single Chart Positions
1999 1, 2, 3, ... Rhymes Galore (feat. Grandmaster Flash, Flavor Flav, MC Rene and Afrob) 6 9 34
2000 Ich Lebe Für Hip Hop (feat. GZA, Curse, Prodigal Sunn and Stieber Twins) 11 31 17
2001 Return of Hip Hop (Ooh, Ooh) (feat. KRS-One, Torch and MC Rene) 13 64 22
2002 Kimnotyze (feat. Lil' Kim and Trooper Da Don) 6 31 43 38
2003 Beat of Life (feat. Ice-T, Sandra Nasic and Trigga Tha Gambla) 12 52 100
2003 Ganxtaville Pt. III (feat. Kurupt, G-Style and Tatwaffe) 5 30 22
2003 Dankbar (feat. Trooper Da Don, G-Style, Tatwaffe and Said) 31 56 72
2004 Party (feat. Lil O) 45[25]
2005 Jump, Jump (feat. Fler and G-Hot) 3 17 25 14
"—" denotes a title that did not chart, or was not released in that territory.




  • 1999: Category Best Producer

1 Live Krone

  • 2000: in Category Best Producer

Bravo Otto

  • 2000: Gold in Category HipHop National
  • 2002: Silber in Category HipHop National
  • 2003: Silber in Category HipHop National

Comet award

  • 2000: Category "Best Newcomer"

Weitere Auszeichnungen

  • 2003: Rap Music Award
  • MC Mega Music Award


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