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DKSH Holding Ltd.
Traded asSIXDKSH
IndustryMarket Expansion Services
FounderWilhelm Heinrich Diethelm, Eduard Anton Keller, Hermann Siber Hegner
HeadquartersZurich, Switzerland
Number of locations
770 business locations in 36 countries (2015)
Key people
Stefan Butz[2]
Joerg Wolle[3]
RevenueIncrease CHF 10.5 billion (2016)[4]
Increase CHF 293.0 million (2016)[4]
Increase CHF 213.0 million (2016)[4]
Number of employees
30,318 (2016)[4]
Footnotes / references
Facts and figures DKSH Group, Company profile on Bloomberg

DKSH also known as DiethelmKellerSiberHegner is a Swiss Market Expansion Services Group. Although its headquarters is in Zurich, DKSH is deeply rooted in communities all across Asia Pacific.[5]

The company offers any combination of sourcing, marketing, sales, distribution and after-sales-services and is organized into four Business Units: Consumer Goods (including the Business Segment Luxury & Lifestyle), Healthcare, Performance Materials and Technology. Its core business is supporting other companies to grow their business in new or existing markets.[6]

With 780 business locations in 36 countries - 750 of them in Asia - and 30,320 specialized staff, it is one of the top 30 Swiss companies ranked by sales and employees. In 2017, DKSH generated annual net sales of CHF 11 billion.[7]

Organizational background[edit]

The company has its origin in the activities of three Swiss entrepreneurs who sailed in the 1860s east to Asia. Independently and within a few years of each other, Wilhelm Heinrich Diethelm set off for Singapore, Eduard Anton Keller for the Philippines, and Hermann Siber for Yokohama.

As the oldest of the original companies, Siber & Brennwald was founded in 1865. Eduard Anton Keller joined in 1868 C. Lutz & Co., which was founded 1866 in Manila, and renamed this enterprise into Ed. A. Keller & Co. after the acquisition in the year 1887. In a similar manner, Wilhelm Heinrich Diethelm joined in 1871 Hooglandt & Co., Singapore, established in 1860, acquired the company in 1887 and founded Diethelm & Co. Ltd. in Singapore.[8]

The three companies expanded their business primarily in Asia. Although the European market played a subsidiary role, each headquarters was situated in Switzerland, which illustrates the intensive contact to the home country.

Established in 1906 on the banks of Chao Phraya River, today the company is one of Thailand's leading business organizations, with annual sales of THB 119 billion in 2015. DKSH Thailand has close to 11,000 employees and a comprehensive network of branches across Thailand.[9] It generates more than a third of overall revenues for DKSH.

In 1931 Diethelm & Co., Ltd. was granted permission by Royal Warrant to display the royal Garuda emblem, the official seal of the Royal Household of Thailand.[10]

Even though the two families Diethelm and Keller always had a close-knit business and private relationship the two companies finally merged during the 2000 summer into Diethelm Keller Holding. Two years later, in 2002, Siber Hegner joined as well and this resulted in establishing DKSH.[10][11] DKSH went public in March 2012 on the SIX Swiss Exchange.[12]

In 2015, the company celebrated its 150th anniversary.

In March 2017 Stefan P. Butz became DKSH's new CEO. Former CEO, Dr. Joerg Wolle, replaced Adrian T. Keller as Chairman of the Board of Directors.[13]


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