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Global Buddhist Network
Type Satellite network, Cable network (formerly);
Internet (currently)
Country Thailand Thailand
Availability worldwide via website and social media
Slogan The only one;
Channel for the path to the cessation of suffering and attainment of Dhamma[1]
Launch date
9 May 2002
Dissolved 26 December 2016
Former names
Dhammakaya Media Channel
Official website
Replaced by Global Buddhist Network

The Global Buddhist Network (GBN), previously known as the Dhammakaya Media Channel (DMC) is a Thai television channel concerned with Buddhism. In Thai language, it was also known by the pun 'the Dhamma satellite' (Thai: จานดาวธรรม).[2] The channel's taglines were "The secrets of life revealed" and "The only one". DMC started on 9 May 2002.[3] The channel was owned by the Dhamma Research for Environment Foundation, part of Wat Phra Dhammakaya.[4][5] The channel is managed by Phra Maha Nopon Puññajayo, who supervises a team of thirty volunteers.[6][7] The channel was one of the first widely spread satellite channels in Thailand, described as a form of 'positive television' (Thai: สื่อสีขาว, literally: 'white media'). On 26 December 2016, Thai authorities withdrew the permit for the satellite channel permanently, during the legal investigations into the temple by the Thai junta.[8][9] In April 2017, it was reported, however, that the channel's programming had continued, but broadcast through Internet only. The channel has been renamed Global Buddhist Network.


The channel was founded to provide an alternative to the many distractions that surround people in modern life, which lure "people into doing immoral things", as stated by Phra Somsak Piyasilo, spokesperson of the organization. The channel originated from an initiative in 2001, when people living in the far provinces of Thailand wanted to listen in to the teachings of the temple. The temple therefore provided live teaching through a thousand public telephone lines, through which people could follow the activities. The telephone lines had many restrictions in use, and the temple started to broadcast through a television channel instead. Later, in 2005, the temple developed an online counterpart to the channel.[10]

Programming and availability[edit]

Former logo
Former logo, of the Dhammakaya Media Channel.

The main focus of the channel, as described by the temple, is moral education.[11] It has programs for people of different ages. It broadcasts guided meditations, talks, preaching, songs, documentaries, dramas, live events and cartoons twenty-four hours a day.[3][6] The most popular program is a broadcast of a teaching called Fan Nai Fan, which also includes a guided meditation.[12] Before the 2016 crackdown of the Thai junta, the channel could be watched or listened to for free through satellite television, Internet, cable and radio.[13] In 2005, DMC had a hundred thousand viewers.[14] In 2016, the satellite channel could be received in all continents in the world, excepting South-America.[6][15] The channel has programs in Thai, English, Chinese and Japanese language.[3]

The channel was also broadcast in public places like temples, hotels and prisons.[14][16] It sought cooperation with other Buddhist countries as well: the temple assisted in establishing a television channel with Buddhist content in Sri Lanka,[17] and discussion took place considering teaching Abhidhamma teachings from Burmese teachers through the channel.[18]

Teaching about Steve Jobs[edit]

In 2012, the temple broadcast a talk of Luang Por Dhammajayo about what happened to Steve Jobs after his death.[19] The talk came as a response to a software engineer of Apple who had sent a letter with questions to the abbot. Luang Por Dhammajayo described how Steve Jobs looked like in heaven.[20][21] He said that Jobs had been reborn as a deva (heavenly being) living close to his former offices, as a result of the karma of having given knowledge to people. He was a deva with a creative, but angry temperament.[22][23] The talk was much criticized, and the abbot was accused of pretending to have attained an advanced meditative state and of attempting to outshine other temples. The temple answered the critics, saying that the talk was meant to illustrate the law of karma, not to defame Jobs, nor to fake an advanced state.[20][21][24]

Program about the life of the Buddha

Shut Down[edit]

In 2016, the channel was ordered to shut down for thirty days during the Klongchan controversy, authorities citing that the channel was used to mobilize people to resist a possible arrest of the former abbot, as had happened during a previous attempt at arrest. The temple appealed to a higher court, denying the accusations and stating that insufficient evidence had been provided.[25][26] The temple further described the shut down as an infringement of human rights.[27] The channel's broadcast permit was permanently withdrawn the same month, on 26 December. Critics compared the shut down with the military crackdown during the 1992 Black May protest, news outlet Bangkok Post criticizing the junta's broadcasting commission for "operating outside the courts and justice system".[8][28] DMC's radio station had not been withdrawn yet, pending an investigation of the police,[2][29] and the online channel was also still available.[30] Despite the channel being shut down, Thai Rath and other main media outlets have continued to broadcast the temple's ceremonies.[31] The temple has stated that the number of people joining ceremonies has increased since the shut down, people showing sympathy with the temple and the satellite channel.[32]

Revival in online format[edit]

24 April 2017, a Spring News reporter noticed a revival of the Dhammakaya Media Channel through a new digital format, called GBN, short for Global Buddhist Network. The channel could be received through Internet only, and featured very similar contents as before, although the temple's spokesperson assured there would be not further attempts at mobilizing people.[1][33]

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