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For the political alternative rock band see DMZ//38.
Origin Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Genres Punk rock, garage punk
Years active 1976–1978
reunion shows in 1993 and 2001–2003
Labels Bomp!
Associated acts Lyres, The Odds, The Queers, Yo La Tengo, The Downbeat 5, The Cars
Past members Jeff Conolly : Vocals, keyboards
Rick Coraccio : Bass guitar
Peter Greenberg :Lead guitar
Jack Hickey : Guitar
Mike Lewis : Bass guitar
Mike "Drums" Lewis : Drums
Paul Murphy : Drums
J. J. Rassler :Guitar
David Robinson : Drums
Adam Schwartz : Drums
Preston Wayne : Guitar

DMZ was a first-wave American punk rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, strongly influenced by 1960s garage rock. In early 1976, Jeff Conolly (sometimes credited as J. Connally, Mono Mann, Monoman, Pokemonoman, etc.) stole the lead vocalist position in the nascent band by out-performing their singer at one of the band's practices.[1] Along with his vocals he brought two things the band lacked: keyboards (an electric piano) and original songs.

Just over one year later, in April 1977, the band went into the recording studio with Craig Leon (who had produced the Ramones first album). Four songs from that session were released by Bomp! on a 7" vinyl EP. DMZ was signed by Sire Records and went to New York to record their debut album, produced by Flo & Eddie. One of the best known photographs of Bomp! founder Greg Shaw shows him holding this disc.[2]

The EP was released in 1978 without much success and by the end of the year the group had splintered. Guitarists J. J. Rassler and Preston Wayne left to start the Odds,[3] and Conolly, bassist Rick Coraccio and drummer Paul Murphy formed Lyres.[4]

DMZ has re-formed periodically; a 1993 set appears on the Live at the Rat album (along with 8 tracks from a 1976 show).

Early drummer David Robinson (who had previously been in The Modern Lovers) left DMZ to join The Cars. Bassist Mike Lewis later joined the Lyres for a couple of years and later recorded with The A-Bones and Yo La Tengo. Guitarist Peter Greenberg later joined Lyres (band) Lyres and went on to found Barrence Whitfield and the Savages (band).

Partial discography[edit]

  1. "Lift Up Your Hood"
  2. "Busy Man"
  3. "You're Gonna Miss Me" (originally recorded by the 13th Floor Elevators)
  4. "When I Get Off"
  1. "Mighty Idy"
  2. "Bad Attitude"
  3. "Watch for Me Girl"
  4. "Cinderella" (orig. recorded by The Sonics)
  5. "Don't Jump Me Mother"
  6. "Destroyer"
  7. "Baby Boom"
  8. "Out of Our Tree" (orig. recorded by The Wailers)
  9. "Border Line"
  10. "Do Not Enter"
  11. "From Home" (orig. recorded by The Troggs)
  • Relics LP (1981, Voxx/Bomp!)
    • Includes the complete DMZ EP, as well as 5 previously unreleased 4-track demos recorded April 1977:
  1. "Can't Stand the Pain" (orig. recorded by The Pretty Things)
  2. "Do Not Enter"
  3. "Shirt Loop"
  4. "Guilty Child"
  5. "Barracuda" (orig. recorded by The Standells)
  • "Live At Barnaby's - 1978" LP (1986, Crypt Records)
    • Recorded live at Barnaby's, Methuen, Massachusetts on June 2, 1978:
  1. "Watch For Me Girl"
  2. "Come On Now"
  3. "Raw Power"
  4. "Don't Jump Me Mother"
  5. "Frenzy"
  6. "From Home"
  7. "When I Get Off"
  8. "Destroyer"
  9. "In Motion"
  10. "Nobody But Me"
  11. "Cinderella"
  12. "Out Of Our Tree"
  13. "Mighty Idy"
  14. "It's All Right"
  15. "He's Waiting"
  16. "You Left The Water Running"
  17. "You'Re Gonna Miss Me"
  • "When I Get Off"—The Classic Originals CD (1993, Voxx/Bomp!)
    • Includes same 5 demos as on Relics, plus live radio recordings (July 1976, WTBS, Cambridge, Massachusetts):
  1. "Busy Man"
  2. "You're Gonna Miss Me"
  3. "When I Get Off"
  4. "Lift Up Your Hood"
  5. "Comin' After Me" (orig. recorded by The Flamin' Groovies)
  6. "Bloody Englishmen"
  7. "First Time"
  8. "Oedipus Show"
  9. "Rosalyn" (orig. recorded by The Pretty Things)
  10. "Mighty Idy"
  11. "From Home"
  12. "Are You Gonna Be There" (orig. recorded by The Chocolate Watch Band)
  13. "Pretty Girl"
  • Live at the Rat CD (2001, Bomp!)
    • Recorded in 1976 + 1993
  1. "Intro by Oedipus"
  2. "First Time (Is the Best Time)"
  3. "Boy from Nowhere"
  4. "Ball Me Out"
  5. "Lift Up Your Hood"
  6. "Go to School"
  7. "Watch for Me Girl"
  8. "Boy from Nowhere"
  9. "Raw Power" (orig. recorded by Iggy and the Stooges)
  10. "Cinderella"
  11. "He's Waitin'"
  12. "Don't Jump Me Mother"
  13. "Frenzy" (orig. recorded by The Fugs)
  14. "When I Get Off"
  15. "Out of Our Tree"
  16. "Mighty Idy"
  17. "You're Gonna Miss Me"
  18. "Don't Start Cryin' Now" (orig. recorded by Slim Harpo; also recorded by Them)
  19. "Ball Me Out"
  20. "Boy from Nowhere"


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