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AliasesDNAH9, DNAH17L, DNEL1, DYH9, Dnahc9, HL-20, HL20, dynein axonemal heavy chain 9, CILD40
External IDsOMIM: 603330 MGI: 1289279 HomoloGene: 20357 GeneCards: DNAH9
Gene location (Human)
Chromosome 17 (human)
Chr.Chromosome 17 (human)[1]
Chromosome 17 (human)
Genomic location for DNAH9
Genomic location for DNAH9
Band17p12Start11,598,470 bp[1]
End11,969,748 bp[1]
RNA expression pattern
PBB GE DNAH9 210345 s at fs.png

PBB GE DNAH9 207959 s at fs.png
More reference expression data
RefSeq (mRNA)



RefSeq (protein)



Location (UCSC)Chr 17: 11.6 – 11.97 MbChr 11: 65.83 – 66.17 Mb
PubMed search[3][4]
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Dynein heavy chain 9, axonemal is a protein that in humans is encoded by the DNAH9 gene.[5][6][7]

This gene encodes the heavy chain subunit of axonemal dynein, a large multi-subunit molecular motor. Axonemal dynein attaches to microtubules and hydrolyzes ATP to mediate the movement of cilia and flagella. The gene expresses at least two transcript variants; additional variants have been described, but their full length nature has not been determined.[7]


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