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Industry Internet, virtual real estate
Founded January 2005
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Services Search and research of online assets
Website (pronounced as "Di eN Prices" for "Domain Name Prices", also known as is an online service that provides access to a database of historic data of Internet asset sales, i.e., domain names and web sites. It contains the deals made in the secondary markets as well as premium sales from the TLDs.


The original database was built and operated by Brands-and-Jingles and its partners from as earlier as 2005. They have been gathering the data privately for years and used it in their internal monitoring system. In late 2013 Brands-and-Jingles granted the database rights to with permission to share the historic domain name sale data with the international audience for the public benefit of the domaining and beyond. According to the founders it is built on the principles of introducing transparency into the industry.[1]

It also offers registrar, domain name brokerage and dropcatching services.

In the second quarter of 2016, purchased and integrated service allowing to compare current domain name registration, renewal and transfer prices across all TLDs, SLDs and registrars.[2]

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