DOCK (protein)

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Dedicator of cytokinesis
Symbol Ded_cyto
Pfam PF06920
InterPro IPR010703
SCOP 1wg7
CDD cd11684

DOCK (Dedicator of cytokinesis) is a family of related proteins involved in intracellular signalling networks.[1] Studies to date suggest that this family act as guanine nucleotide exchange factors for small G proteins of the Rho family, such as Rac and Cdc42. DOCK family proteins are categorised into four subfamilies based on their sequence homology:

  • DOCK-A subfamily
  • DOCK-B subfamily
  • DOCK-C subfamily (also known as Zir subfamily)
    • Dock6 (also known as Zir1)
    • Dock7 (also known as Zir2)
    • Dock8 (also known as Zir3)
  • DOCK-D subfamily (also known as Zizimin subfamily)
    • Dock9 (also known as Zizimin1)
    • Dock10 (also known as Zizimin3)
    • Dock11 (also known as Zizimin2)


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