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Photograph of the new 2013 DOD Pedals
Photo of DOD prototypes shown at NAMM 2011

DOD Electronics, or simply DOD, is a Harman International company that makes guitar effects pedals, most of which are now discontinued. Additionally, the company has made active crossover gear.

DOD originally stood for David Oreste Di Francesco, who founded the company in 1973 with business partner and musician John Johnson. David was the original engineer who, with his business partner John, later sold the company to Harman International. The engineer now runs a company called Rolls Corporation.

Over DOD's 40-year history, the company introduced many pedal lines and early multi-effect devices, like the 944 Chain-Reaction and digital delays like the now sought-after PDS series. The 70s and early 80s 200, 400 and 600 Series of Stompboxes have become very collectable. 70s Gray DOD 250s with LM741 OPAs fetch premium prices with collectors, with the yellow early 80s 250s not far behind. Later 90s DOD pedals have also become collectors items like the Gonkulator, Buzz Box, Meat Box, and Vibro Thang.

Many of the more popular DOD pedals are now available under the DigiTech name. This includes the Grunge, Death Metal and Envelope Filter. Some of the wilder DOD distortion pedals are said to be designed for the more novice musician, although they are still used by a number of professionals. For example distortions like the Grunge and Death Metal are designed to achieve high-gain distortion tones normally only possible at ear-splitting volumes, in a bedroom at low volumes. Some musicians playing them at high volume with a band find the sounds to be uncontrollable unless the distortion amount is turned way down.

Many of the pedals are very highly regarded by experimental and noise music artists for their unique, extreme sounds and lo-fi settings sometimes not attainable on more expensive musical equipment. Some pedals, such as the Buzz Box or Gonkulator Modulator, have become collectors items and change hands on eBay for far more than they cost new. The most popular DOD pedal was probably the "Grunge"—an extremely heavy distortion pedal described by the designer Jason Lamb to be inspired by the sounds of Nirvana and The Melvins. A Grunge pedal was once given to Kurt Cobain as a joke and he was said to have thrown into the crowd at one concert.[1]

In early 2010 Harman employee Tom Cram personally began a clandestine skunkworks project to revive DOD. This resulted in the prototypes for what would be the new DOD 250, 201, and an unidentified third red pedal. This skunkworks project was unknown to Harman and only became official after Mr. Cram showed his completed prototypes. Mr. Cram has subsequently become the Marketing Manager for DigiTech/DOD and continues to work on new DigiTech and DOD pedals.

On September 16, 2013, DOD returned with updated versions of the venerable 250 Overdrive Preamp, and 201 Phasor. Both feature true bypass, blue LEDs, modern power jack, lighter aluminum chassis, two tone flat-black and metal-flake paint jobs. The 2013 250 also features an LM741 Op Amp to replicate the sounds of the original 250. In 2014 three more updated DOD pedals were released, the BIFET Boost 410, and the Envelope Filter 440, and the Electro-Optical Compressor 280. The 410 features a new buffer on/off toggle and the 440 features an up/down voicing toggle, and the 280 circuit is untouched except for the addition of true bypass, LED, and modern PSU jack. All feature true bypass, blue LEDs, modern power jack, lighter aluminum chassis, two tone flat-black and metal-flake paint jobs.

In early 2015 a new DOD pedal called the Boneshaker[2] was released; this is a collaboration with boutique pedal builder Mark Wentz of Black Arts Toneworks.[3]

DOD Effects "FX" Pedals in order by name[edit]

  • American Metal FX56
  • Analog Delay 680
  • Attacker FX54
  • Bass Compressor FX82
  • Bass EQ FX42
  • Bass EQ FX42-B
  • Bass Grunge FX92
  • Bass Overdrive FX91
  • Bass Stereo Chorus FX62
  • Bass Stereo Flanger FX72
  • Bi-FET Preamp FX10
  • Big Pig Fat Distortion FX70P
  • Buzz Box FX33
  • Chorus 690
  • Chain Reaction 944
  • Classic Fuzz FX52
  • Classic Tube FX53
  • Compressor 280
  • Compressor FX80
  • Compressor Limiter 525
  • Compressor Limiter 525-A
  • Compressor Sustainer FX80-B
  • Corrosion FX70C
  • Death Metal Distortion FX86
  • Death Metal Distortion FX86B
  • Deep Freeze Bass Chorus FX63
  • Delay 585
  • Delay 585-A
  • Delay FX90
  • Digital Delay DFX9
  • Digital Delay/Sampler DFX91
  • Digital Delay/Sampler DFX94
  • Distortion 555
  • Distortion 555-A
  • Distortion FX55
  • Dual Delay 585-B
  • Echo FX Analog Delay FX96
  • EchoMatic Digital Delay DFX98
  • Edge FX87
  • Electronic Phasor
  • Envelope Filter 440
  • Envelope Filter FX25
  • Envelope Filter FX25B
  • Equalizer FX40
  • Equalizer FX40B
  • Extreme Distortion GFX70
  • Extreme Envelope Filter GFX25
  • Extreme Stereo Flanger GFX75
  • Extreme Supra Distortion GFX55
  • FET Preamp
  • Fet Preamp 210
  • Flanger 575
  • Flanger 575-A
  • Flanger 575-B
  • Flanger 640
  • Flanger 670
  • Flashback Fuzz FX66
  • Gate/Loop FX30B
  • Gonkulator Modulator FX13
  • Graphic Equalizer EQ610
  • Grind FX101
  • Grunge FX69
  • Grunge FX69B
  • Grunge² TR3G
  • Guitar Processor/Preamp FX7
  • Hard Rock Distortion FX57
  • Ice Box FX64
  • Integrated Tube Distortion FX100
  • Juice Box FX51
  • Love Driver FX-900
  • Meat Box FX32
  • Metal Maniac FX58
  • Milk Box Compressor FX84
  • Mini-Chorus 460
  • Mystic Blues Overdrive FX102
  • Octoplus 535-A
  • Octoplus FX35
  • Overdrive Plus FX50B
  • Overdrive Preamp FX50
  • Overdrive/Preamp 250
  • Overdrive/Preamp (re-issue) 250
  • Phasor 201
  • Phasor 401
  • Phasor 401B
  • Phasor 490
  • Phasor 595
  • Phasor 595-A
  • Phasor FX20
  • Psycho Acoustic Processor FX87 (later renamed to Edge)
  • Punkifier FX76
  • Stereo Chorus 565
  • Stereo Chorus 565-A
  • Stereo Chorus FX60
  • Stereo Chorus FX64
  • Stereo Chorus FX65
  • Stereo Chorus Vibrato 565-B
  • Stereo Flanger FX75
  • Stereo Flanger FX75-B
  • Stereo Flanger FX75C
  • Stereo Phaser FX20
  • Stereo Phaser FX20B
  • Stereo Reverb FX45
  • Super American Metal FX56B
  • Supersonic Stereo Flanger FX747
  • Super Stereo Chorus FX68
  • Supra Distortion FX55-B
  • Supra Distortion FX55C
  • Sustain 515-A
  • Swell Pedal FX15
  • Thrash Master FX59
  • Turbo Stereo Chorus FX67
  • Vibro-Thang Tremolo FX22
  • Wah Filter 545
  • Wah Filter 545-A
  • Wah/Volume FX17
  • YJM308 Yngwie Malmsteen Overdrive

DOD "SR" Crossovers in order by item #[edit]

  • SR823 Two-way stereo, three-way mono active crossover
  • SR834 Three-way stereo, four-way mono active crossover
  • SR835 Two-way stereo, three-way mono active crossover


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