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Stichting DOEN
Focus Sustainable, cultural and social innovation
Area served
The Netherlands, worldwide programs
Method Grants, funding, lans, campaigns
Key people
Gert-Jan van der Vossen(chairman of the Supervisory board), Anneke Sipkens(CEO), Jasper Snoek (CFO)
30 million euro received as a net proceeds of the Dutch Postcode Lottery, BankGiro Lottery and FriendsLottery in 2012[1]
Mission To support a green, socially inclusive and creative society

The DOEN Foundation (in Dutch Stichting DOEN) is a Dutch foundation supporting initiatives in the field of culture and cohesion and in the field of green and inclusive economy. The focus of the foundation is on sustainable, cultural and social innovation. DOEN receives the net proceeds of the Dutch Postcode Lottery, BankGiro Lottery and FriendsLottery.


The DOEN Foundation was established by the Dutch Postcode Lottery in 1991 to pursue the same objectives as the lottery (people and nature) and to complement the lottery’s work.[2] In 1998 the foundation starts receiving an annual contribution from the FriendsLottery (former SponorBingo Lottery); and in 2004 it received annual contributions from the BankGiro Lottery. At the beginning of its mandate the foundation supported development cooperation, human rights, nature and the environment; since 2006 its focus also includes social cohesion.


DOEN Foundation supports pioneers who work hard to establish a greener, more socially-inclusive, and more creative society, in which:

  1. the capacity of the planet is the starting point (green);
  2. everybody can participate, where people work together and help each other with respect for individual needs and possibilities (socially inclusive);
  3. art and culture are at the heart in the belief that society can not do without (creative).



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