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The term DOM scripting refers to programmatically accessing the Document Object Model (DOM). In common usage, DOM scripting implies JavaScript. DOM scripting has its roots in Dynamic HTML (DHTML), but is more structured. It is the third pillar[clarification needed] in the web standards movement.

DHTML vs. DOM scripting[edit]

Traditional DHTML:
  • Uses a scripting language and valid markup (HTML/XHTML/XML/etc.)
  • May be browser-specific and require redundant coding for cross-browser support.
  • Is web only
  • Was used with non-standardized markup
DOM scripting:
  • Uses a scripting language and valid markup (HTML/XHTML/XML/etc.)
  • Can be used with any programming/scripting language
  • Aims to be browser independent, is browser independent among standards-compliant browsers
  • Is web only
  • May degrade gracefully

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