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Years active2006 (2006)–present
LabelsCircus Company
MembersDamien Vandesande
Jonathan Illel
Past membersClément Aichelbaum

dOP is a French trio widely known for their distinctive take on electronic music. Since their inception, they have been a prominent figure in the electronic music landscape, securing a spot on Resident Advisor's Top Live Acts for 2010, 2011 and 2012.


The trio is composed of childhood friends Damien Vandesande, Clément Aichelbaum and Jonathan Illel, who worked together on numerous projects before establishing themselves under the moniker dOP. Following some experimentation with different styles—from hip-hop to rock—they began making waves in the electronic/house circuit with a string of single and EP releases on various labels including their own Circus Company, Milnor Modern, Eklo, Supplement Facts and more.

Nicolas Sfintescu from Nôze can be cited as one of the heavy influences of dOP's music. Sfintescu shares the same idea of making organic dance music in the classical way of composing with real instruments and voices. They found a way to translate their respective gifts for percussion, woodwind instruments and honey-coated vocals into something that made sense on the contemporary European dance floor. Through this concept, dOP took electronic music performances to a new level, becoming entertainers on stage in the same fashion as rock n roll musicians and hip hop artists.

In 2010, they launched their first full length album 'Greatest Hits', a tongue-in-cheek title for the then-newcomers, which propelled the trio to even further international acclaim. [1]



  • 2010: Greatest Hits, Circus Company

Singles & EPs[edit]

  • 2007: Between The Blues EP, Circus Company
  • 2007: No Passport EP, Milnor Modern
  • 2008: Blanche Neige. Circus Company
  • 2008: I'm Just A Man EP, Eklo
  • 2008: Panik, Milnor Modern
  • 2008: Varoslav feat dOP - Inside Ways, Supplement Facts
  • 2008: The Lighthouse, Orac Records
  • 2008: God Bless The Child EP, Orac Records
  • 2009: Varoslav feat dOP - I Love Us, Dirt Crew Recordings
  • 2009: The Genius Of The Crowd, Supplement Facts
  • 2009: Martyn / dOP - Tucan EP, Watergate Records
  • 2009: I'm Just A Man Remix EP, Eklo
  • 2009: dOP & Lula Circus - Cange! A Various EP, Children of Tomorrow
  • 2009: Dein Varlangen EP, Eklo
  • 2010: Youandwean / dOP - Sub Rosa EP, Magicbag
  • 2010: Penguin EP, Watergate Records
  • 2010: 3 Suitcases, Circus Company
  • 2010: L’Hôpital, La Rue, La Prison, Circus Company
  • 2010: President Bongo & dOP - Gossip Rats, I'm Single
  • 2010: VSOP - Dein Verlangen Remix EP, Eklo
  • 2011: Your Sex, Supplement Facts
  • 2011: No More Daddy, Circus Company
  • 2011: Seuil & dOP - Prostitute EP, Eklo
  • 2011: Masomenos & Dop - Masomenos & Friends Project: 8, Welcome To Masomenos
  • 2011: After Party, Life And Death
  • 2012: The Odyssey Of Dreamy Peace EP, Apt. International
  • 2012: Kisses, Circus Company
  • Unknown: Untitled

DJ Mixes[edit]

  • 2008: LWE Podcast 02, Little White Earbuds
  • 2010: Watergate 06, Watergate Records
  • 2010: Sgustok Magazine Podcast 001, Sgustok Magazine
  • 2011: Trax 142, Trax Sampler
  • 2014: Mpikan ta gidia sto mantri 001 , Cocoon


  • 2012: A.O.T.P ft. dOP - OPA!, Snatch! Records


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